Sunday, July 30, 2006

Google Yourself

First I Googled myself. Then I Googled my family and friends, and then my dog. Googling people is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. You should Google yourself right after you read this. It’s kind of fun to pretend that who you find is who you would be in another life, or who you are now, if you have multiple personality disorder.

For instance, if I made a composite of all my fellow LC’s, I would be Linda Crow, attorney, and 51 year-old Trekkie who works for the Master Strategy Group, whose company description is: Eclectic partnership vastly committed to the development of world distributed system functionality and the utilization of otherwise idle computer resources in behalf of scientific efforts. But aside from lawyering and doing something completely indecipherable at Master Strategy Group, Linda Crow is also a professional body builder. See for some awesome pics of pecs.

How does Linda Crow find time to live such a complex 21st Century Barbie-style life? I don’t know, but I feel a science fiction novel based on her life is just waiting to be written. Imagine Linda Crow uttering these dramatic lines, “If you try to hack into my mysterious Master Strategy Group computer files, I will indeed gather my colleagues from the Andromeda Galaxy and lead them by my super-power body and superior lawyer mind to defeat you and turn you into a polyhedron.”

Other Google discoveries:
*My friend Daphne Y. is apparently an adventure racer in addition to being a children’s minister at our church.
*My friend Leslie H. owns a bridal and ladies occasion wear in Wiltshire, UK. Gee, I thought she was a clerk in a local law office.
*In her daily life, my friend Debbie F. designs kitchens and baths. Her alter ego is a wig sales rep.
*Mild mannered Kathy H., who manages a grocery store office, is an artist who expresses herself through sculpture and has work on display in Denver.
*My buddy Madelyn, who we like to tease about having reached the 50 year milestone birthday, is actually a 1939 graduate of Ashtabula High School. Unfortunately, she also died in 1951. We’ll miss her.
*Finally, my favorite: My friend Rachel Delaney is a character in a novel. Here is the blurb about Showdown by Milly Baqshawe: Milly is also tortured by her sworn enemy, Rachel Delaney, who too conveniently happens to become her useless brother’s girlfriend.

But what about Zoe Crow, my little dog? A quick search points to Zoe Crow, Personnel Manager of Environmental Services of Cheshire City Council, UK. I am just sure this Zoe Crow is a cute little old British woman. How adorable is that?! I couldn’t resist—I emailed Zoe Crow and pasted pictures of my Zoe in the message, explaining the Google search. If she replies, I’ll treat you to tea and crumpets.

Remember when popular psychology’s buzz phrase was “find yourself?” Who knew that in 2006, you could find yourself several times in just a few minutes? I highly recommend it. And so does Linda Crow.

This is not Linda Crow the bodybuilder, but I like this picture. And this is Leslie and Linda a while back.


Ken said...

LC -

Who knew?? What'll they think of next? I think a great movie concept for your life's story would be "My Super, Body-building, Humor Writing Ex-Girlfriend!" Maybe we could get Nicole Kidman to play you - she has the right complexion, after all.

Thanks for the post. I just finished posting to MMM for the week and dropped in for a cuppa joe here and got a great chuckle. As they say, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine!" Thanks for the aspirin!!



Mission Musings said...

Here's my post about Googling myself:

Very amusing, indeed!