Saturday, July 29, 2006

Update on Writer's Conference

I am exhausted. I learned so much and met really nice people. Today I get to meet one on one with someone who will critique some of my writing. I feel nervous, like it's a job interview. I'm just glad this isn't the guy who wrestled me. If you want to know more about that, you have to email me.

A fire alarm went off twice during one lecture, and we all had to file outside for no reason.

One woman in a couple of my classes has biceps like knotty tree trunks. They are the biggest female biceps I've ever seen in person. Turns out she is a former winner on that TV show, "Gladiators." I'm not kidding. She has made a living off of kids' videos, etc., and is a personal trainer.

This is a very diverse group, except I've only seen one African American. But as far as personal grooming, style and manner of speaking, it's really fun to go from one person to the next because it's like meeting sitcom characters all day long.I'm sure they feel the same when they meet me. On the first day, they probably would've described me as the female Don Knotts because I was so nervous. Now I'm just exhausted.

This workshop good; I'd encourage anyone interested in writing to attend next year. Like Stephen King. Maybe he would like to brush up on some skills, you know? I mean, surely he's running low on the old creative juices by now. Stephen King, will you come to my writers' conference?? You just might meet the characters for your next book.

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