Monday, July 31, 2006

While the Cat's Away . . .

While the cat's away, the mice busily re-decorate his office. Jeff (our head youth pastor) is in Kazakhstan right now. I've been teasing him for months that when he's gone, I'm taking over the office AND the ministry. He's shaking in his Abilene boots. So there's been good natured razzing going all the way around the world for about a week now. (Kazakhstan is south of Russia and west of China.) Anyway, the last straw was a picture he emailed to the staff of me dancing with a Kazakh man the last time I was there. It was an embarrassing moment, and you can see the blush on top of the sunburn. I never looked up the entire dance.

Here is the message he sent with it: I have an important question that hopefully you guys can help with! A couple of days ago we ran into a Kazakh man who has carried a picture of him and a woman around for several years. He said that he danced with this woman once and fell in love with her. He made us an offer of two sheep in order to marry her and because of our teams amazing love for Sheep Shoshleak (sheep on a stick) we made a deal to track this woman down and return her to her new owner here in Kazakhstan. If you know (or are) the woman pictured in this photo please proceed to the nearest post office and obtain a passport for your upcoming marriage here in Kazakhstan.

There is a tad bit of truth in this message, which is what makes it funny.

So, Hope and I emasculated Jeff's office. As you can see, we had a blast. We put up a sign offering all of his office furniture, guitar, etc. for sale. We put posters of kitties and butterflies on his walls, brought in flip flops and stuffed animals, pillows and a crocheted table cloth.

This is Hope conducting a staff meeting. Hope is awesome and keeps me sane.

This is Moi, kickin' it in the office formerly known as "Jeff's."

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Ken said...

LC -

Makes me glad that you're my friend! And that you live a long way away. Note to LC - Just remember, said youth pastor likely has a LOT more time than you do for getting even and he WILL be back at some point ... But why worry about that now ... Enjoy your renovated office and think of how you're going to spend your sheep!