Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 5, 2006: Mr. and Mrs. Travis Hargis


Today, surrounded by white roses, billowy organza and hundreds of witnesses, Travis and Meredith began the life they have envisioned together. The significance and holiness of the moment were not lost on anyone who witnessed the uniting of these two at the altar.

Meredith and Travis dated seven years. Recently I thought about how I’d love to go back in time to their first date and whisper in their ears: This is the one you’ll marry someday! Travis and Meredith were clueless concerning an eventual marriage when they first met, but as time passed and their relationship deepened, the future emerged in their hearts and minds. They began to formulate a vision of what lay ahead.

Vision, as multifaceted as a diamond engagement ring, displays sparkling nuances:

Perception: “I perceive that there is no one else on earth like you.”

Eyesight: “My bride dazzles my eyes.”

Understanding: “We have come to a place where our lives must merge forever.”

Lovely, beautiful: “My lovely bride is a vision in white.”

Breadth and scope: “As far as our eyes can see and beyond what we cannot, we will be together.”

Astuteness: “I have observed that I am a better person because of you.”

Dream: “We will build a life together.”

Vision involves the eyes, the intellect, intuition, enchantment, faith, focus, and hope.

As I watched Travis and Meredith dance at their reception, I saw how intently they gazed into each other’s eyes. I thought, If only people could envision how God feels about them—if they could perceive his desire for relationship with them; if they could understand how much they need him, that they will be better for knowing him; if they could believe that he will be there for them today, tomorrow, and always; if they could visualize the face of the one who made them and see the passion in his eyes for them—the significance and holiness of that moment would change them forever.

The Holy Writings say, "No eye has ever seen or no ear has ever heard or no mind has ever thought of the wonderful things God has made ready for those who love Him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

Think of it—God has planned an eternal event for us, his bride, which is so spectacular and holy that we are not capable of envisioning or imagining it. We, the betrothed, wait expectantly as the groom plans our glorious wedding. Come soon, Lord Jesus!


Josh Zimmerman said...

Weddings are really just so great. Any event that makes you reflect on love seems pretty stellar to me :)

I LOVE what you said about people understanding how much God loves them. Isn't that a mysteriously hard/amazing thing?

Honestly, I'd say helping people feel God's love is one of my greatest passions.

Feeling, embracing, believing God's love to the fullest is so hard, but what greater pursuit is there?! A great sermon I've heard on this is "The Apple of God's Eye." It's by Dave Ward ( I have it on CD if you'd like to hear it.

It just blows me away. Love the post.


Tammy Dawson said...

From a writer’s perspective, a captivating and enjoyable read. From a Christians perspective…how intimately insightful and discerning.

Nicely done,