Thursday, October 19, 2006

Are You Beautiful?

Recently, I was moved by a short (60 second?) video that I wish every teenage girl could “experience.” It shows so clearly how our standards of physical beauty are absolutely shaped by advertising. Young girls simply do not understand that these standards are unattainable, even for the very models in the ads. As a result, teenagers engage in lot of self-flagellation because of not measuring up, and I'm talking about both emotional and literal self-abuse. The pressure should stop with our daughters.

I've had both my girls (20 and 13) and my son (17) watch it. I think it's just as important for him to see the truth as the girls. Even if you don’t have a daughter, you have most certainly been affected by this manipulation as well. Absorbing the message of this video could lighten your perspective whenever you're feeling insecure about your physical imperfections. When you watch, pay close attention to the ending seconds of the video, or you'll miss the best stuff.

I’ve always admired the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty,” but now I am determined to support Dove because their efforts to build female self-esteem have not been a flash-in-the pan gimmick lasting only a few months. Dove appears to be committed to promoting honesty about this subject. Their efforts can gain validation and respect if we all add our “amens.” My 13 year-old has forwarded this to all of her friends. It must be relevant.

Finally, remember that the truest thing about you is what God says about you: The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7) He loves you because he wants to. You're beautiful because he made you.

Once again, our Father proves himself a shelter in the cold wind.

Enjoy: Dove's Evolution Video


Susanne said...

This has been up on several sites but I just get a black square. I'll have to try another computer see if I can get it. But you're right about supporting Dove because it is something they have really committed to!

Linda said...

Well, I do hope you can see it somewhere. Also, when I clicked on your milk video, I had audio but no visual. The audio is quite . . . interesting. Sounds sketchy!

Susanne said...

Bizarre! That's exactly what's happening to me with the Dove video. Give this URL a try:

And just 'cause you were having so much fun: "Tag". You can come on over to my site if you like and pick it up. Little more personal this time around. Let me know if you'd like to do it.

Jane Chin said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for visiting my site and I'm glad I found yours. I enjoy The Office, too, although I watch more TV than you do (it's a relaxation "tool" for me)....