Wednesday, October 04, 2006

At the End of the Day

I took the day off work. Here's what I did:

-Minimal maintenance on house and self.
-Made mashed potatoes with butter and cream for my birthday lunch. It's like dessert for me.
-Had my first menopausal hot flash. Happy birthday to me. Almost ran outside in my birthday suit to cool down.
-Carved a pumpkin.
-Had email war with my boss. Youth pastor. Complainined that he had to deal with "situations," ringing phones and copiers while I lazed around all day. Strongly suggested that he not to mess up any phones, situations or copiers while I'm gone.
-Put dog in carved pumpkin and took pictures to submit to newspaper call for costumed pets. Dog resisted at first until she caught on to the cheese-reward after each sitting.
-Worked on Bible Study Fellowship lessons for this week. Distracted by TV.
-Went to Walmart for the first time ever with no make up whatsoever. World did not end. Saw two people I haven't seen in years. Did not let them see me.
-Had allergy attack complete with wheezing.
-Cooked a meal for my mother-in-law who went home from hospital today. Made last minute menu change when realized I had planned: Cheese/brat casserole, broccoli and cheese, cheesecake. Man cannot live on cheese alone. Dog probably could. Time-out whistle; green beans subbed in for broccoli and cheese.
-Husband came home and asked what's to eat. Instructed him to go to his mom's to eat.
-Talked to the 80 year-old lady who gave birth to me 44 years ago today. She was perturbed that I had not been to the mailbox yet to retrieve the card she sent. Told me how terrible her pregnancies were, the last being the worst. I was the last.
-Watched Cary Grant movie. He is the dreamiest.
And that is how I turned 44. Not a bad day, but I could have done without the hot flash. God has a sense of humor.


Zim said...

Well, I'm 30 minutes late in really telling you happy birthday. Regardless...feliz cumpleanos!

Sounds like all in all, you had a good birthday. I'm sorry I didn't know it was your birthday...I never get important information like that :-/ But it was great hearing about it.

I almost came by the office today to say hi, but my schedule ended up preventing it to be possible on time. Guess that worked out well thought, eh?

Well, take care, and I'll be talking to you soon!

Susanne said...

Hot flash and allergy reaction on your birthday? That's just not right! :v)

Oh, oh, Mr. Hubby you dropped the birthday ball! :vO

Your dog is too adorable!

Beau said...

Sounds like it was a relaxing day. For the most part. Except the part with Jeff being...who he is : )

Have a great weekend!

Amydeanne said...

happy birthday! I love the dog pictures! and I hear ya on the mash potatoes!

Susanne said...

Hi Linda: I tagged you at my site for a word association meme if you want to play.

Big Mama said...

I'm a huge Cary Grant fan, but the picture I love the most is the one of your dog in the pumpkin. It may be one of the cutest things I've ever seen.