Saturday, October 07, 2006

My First Tag

I have now recovered from memeing. It was exhausting! Now there's this HUGE pressure to come up with four good words (is four always the number?) and the decision about whom to tag.

I think I'll tag you who responded (Susanne, Beck, and Carol) and Big Mama, plus I'd love to hear from a certain college student who drops in here regularly and happens to be a male (different perspective!) and from my Indiana cousin who checks in, plus Tammy, and what the heck, Stephen King and Dave Barry, and Donny Osmond, who I think can persuade to play along since I'm writing the prompts in purple, which is a new venture for me (doing something in HTML).

OK, here they are


Is it "bad form" (I love when Dustin Hoffman as "Hook" says that in the movie) to play on your own words? I'll be brief:

chicken: what I had a small flock of, what I want when I retire, Japanese Silkies

tranquility: sitting at the 4th floor Bracken Library window in winter watching college students scurry around in the snow while I read The Iliad back in 1985. No one called me mommy then or made me write grant proposals. And I loved those pastel highlighters.

permanent: My mom made me get home perms when I was a little girl. She claims that I had "fly away" hair that stuck to my cheeks and broke me out, and that the perm tamed my tickly strays. I happen to know that she always wanted a little girl with blonde curly hair, which I did not possess naturally (curls).

adjusting: To my kids growing up and leaving me. The college one is here tonight eating my birthday cake (Ritters Frozen Custard Reese Cup Cake) and my senior son just walked in the door with a mohawk because his team won sectionals today. He says he's going to IU to study physical therapy. When he was little, he said he was going to move next door to live so that he could always come over and play board games with Dad and me. (Sniffle.)


Carol said...

Wait. No fair. (She says in her best 2nd grade voice.) No tag-backs. You have to pick folks who haven't played yet. Beck and Susanne and I have already done this. Don't know if Big Mama has or not.

Ollie, ollie, in come free!

Beck said...

All righty, I'll post my answers at the end of today's post.

Linda said...

Drat. I knew there would be "rules" that i wouldn't know!

Big Mama said...

I did it and hadn't been tagged yet. Thanks and have a good Sunday!

Susanne said...

That's too funny, Carol! I've never done the ollie, ollie, come in free thing! Should I call that too, or play again. What the heck I'll play again, but let us know Linda, who else you tag!