Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alphabet Meme for Carol of the Bells

**I've had a couple of takers on this challenge. If you'd like to play, please do! Consider yourself tagged, especially if you've been visiting here a while and have not posted. Visit Lear's Den and Living to Tell the Story to see what they've done with this meme.**

So last night I did this whole meme and somehow deleted it. Aargh. So here is my second attempt. Carol at She Lives tagged me. Carol is fun. I was thinking that Carol could also be called "Carol of the Bells" because she is pictured amongst bluebells on her home page.

A - Available/Single? Not since 8th grade. Never been without a steady since 8th grade. Wow. That is a long time.
B - Best Friend? Kris from 9th grade on, then the GGW (Girls Gone Wild) group I meet with on Wednesday nights, comprised of close girlfriends from church. (See previous posts about these women. Don't let their Dana-Carvey-Church-Lady facades fool you. They are wild, baby.)
C- Cake or Pie? FROSTING, with a leeeeetle bit of cake attached for structure.
D - Drink Of Choice? Water or coffee with lots of cream.
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? Hairdryer, mascara, lipstick and concealer to conceal my allergic shiners. And torturous contact lenses.
F - Favorite Color? Lavender, also orchid, like stained glass orchid.
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Um, bears, because they are more girly than worms.
H - Hometown? Are you kidding me? MUNCIE, IN, "America's Hometown." (See last two posts.)
I - Indulgence? It used to be fake nails and the tanning bed, but now it's just going to bed early or maybe doing a crossword or reading a book when I should be doing laundry. Told you I'm a wild one.
J - January Or February? Feb, because my dad's birthday is the 11th, and because of the 14th, of course.
K - Kids & Their Names? Big Daughter, Son, Baby Girl
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Jesus, my little family, rocking chairs, babies
M - Marriage Date? June 14th, 1985. We married on Flag Day and moved to Flag City, Findlay, OH. Shout out to Findlay: I love you still. I am your daughter at heart!
N- Number Of Siblings? Three older brothers. Much, much older. Miraculously, they keep getting older, and I don't.
O - Oranges or Apples? Apples because oranges sometimes burn my mouth.
P - Phobias/Fears? Driving on the Phreeway/Freeway. Esp. to the airport. Will NOT do it for anyone/anything. Period.
Q - Favorite Quote? Currently, all the ones at the top of my homepage. But also, when Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) says to the fake Santa, "You sit on a throne of lies." Also when he says, "I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite!"
R - Reason to Smile- When I hear pre-schoolers talking, like that little girl on the Volvo commercial telling her dad that big story. I love her. You just never know what's going on in their heads, and finally, they get old enough to "let you in," and it is hilarious, or profound, but mostly hilarious.
S - Season? Christmas. Really any, except early spring when everything is slushy and muddy and you still have to wear a coat.
T - Tag Three Four People? No one plays with me. Wah.
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I like to type so much that I surreptitiously type whatever people are saying, but they don't know it. I do this during sermons. I did this even in high school under the desk while the teacher lectured. I should have been a medical transcriptionist. I almost was. My husband is the only one who knows when I'm doing this. I also spell and say words backwards a lot. Tol a.
V - Vegetable you don’t like? I don't care much for tomato anything. Marinara sauces are hard on me; they burn my mouth also. I have this thing called oral allergy syndrome. Lots of fruits and vegetables burn, or tingle, my tongue and lips. Raw celery always makes me tingle and makes my lips swell a little. I thought it made everyone tingle until my allergist told me differently.
W - Worst Habit? I push back and tear my cuticles all the time. I also clear my throat a bunch, but I can justify that because of my allergies. I also have a habit of tearing open packages from the wrong end all the time. My family is just about ready to drive me into the wilderness and leave me there because of it. I try to remember to do it right, but my memory is not so good about this. (Why are they so picky?)
X - X-rays You’ve Had? Head, neck, back. And teeth.
Y - Your Favorite Food? No-bake chocolate-oatmeal-peanut butter cookies. Mashed potatoes and gravy.
Z - Zodiac Sign? Libra. And although I don't track my horoscope, I have read the description of this sign, and it fits me to a "T." Gotta have my balance, symmetry, creative outlet, emotional intimacy, romance, laughter and peace. My favorite name of all those of Jesus is "Prince of Peace." I love him. And theeeere's your sign.


Susanne said...

Well that was fun to read more trivia about you! But what do you mean No One Plays with You? What am I chopped liver? Well. :v)

Seriously this was fun. I love your kids names. What name book did you find them in? :v)

I love typing too! Have done it since grade 7. I find it very relaxing unlike that nerve wracking thing called sewing.

D.S. Lear said...

I know I'm new to your site but I would play if you asked...I never was one they selected when they picked sides in school...whine,whine, whine..
So I've decided to press through and just steal the challenge...it was fun...A-Z check it out it was like therapy for me.

Linda said...

Susanne, you are most certainly not chopped liver. Not even liver in a fancy dish. Therefore, you are tagged. The kid names were difficult to create and choose. We thought about #1, #2, #3, but we have relatives named that and you can imagine the confusion that would ensue at holidays. OK, let's hear your ABCs!

Linda said...

D: (Not sure if you want your name used) You will see that I bopped on over to your site and thoroughly enjoyed your meme. And, even though I'm a Yankee up here in Indy, we are a lot alike. For one thing, we are now the REESE CUP sisters.

Carol said...

And why am I just now seeing this all 2 months late?

They're really bluebonnets, but I'm good with bells.

Belated thanks for playing along!