Monday, November 20, 2006

Freedom Week! Marvelous Monday!

Woo-hoooo! I'm off work this week. The day is so full of possibilities that I'm confounded about which option to choose first.

Backing up--my weekend with girlfriends was very fun. I did control my spending, but it was a challenge. The first mall we went to was an outdoor one that was designed to feel like a small village. The wide street was beautifully landscaped down the middle with little berry-laden trees, and Christmas music was piped into the open air for more ambience. When it's really cold, they have warm air blowing to keep shoppers from freezing. My favorite store in that mall was Kirklands. I bought a gift for our staff exchange and a couple of other small items. My friends, on the other hand, conquered much more Christmas shopping than I did. (We're planning on taking the kids next week.)

Saturday night we ate at Fridays and stayed in a hotel. One interesting tidbit is that when one friend was pulling down a pillow and blanket from a closet, a single Penthouse centerfold billowed to the floor. She showed it to me, and we laughed about how it must have gotten there. Perhaps it was gift from the last weary business traveler left for the next lonely soul. Anyway, since one of us was in the restroom during this discovery, we decided to turn down her side of the bed and lay out the centerfold in order to surprise her when she turned down the bed. Let's just say that her wig-out did not disappoint.

The next day we went to two other malls. I still held out, until the last hour, literally. I found two sweaters at New York & Co. that I could not resist. I think this is my new favorite store because they sell talls/longs. I'm on the cusp of the true tall height, so regular lengths often shrink their way up on my foot/ankle.

The best part of the trip, of course, was just being with friends. It wasn't until later in life (last couple of years) that I realized how much I need and enjoy these friends. Now I wish I had known earlier, and I do encourage young moms to make sure they stay connected with other females, even if they feel very independent and not particularly disposed to maintaining friendships when everyday life is so full already.

I came home to a house completely cleaned by my husband and kids. I know--he's great.

Even though my dogs were barkin' last night, I worked registration at Oneighty. It was Turkey Night, when the highlight was three college-aged guys dressed like turkeys (profusely padded and feathered) were shot at by kids with paintball guns outside on our skate park, which was remote-fed into the guymnasium where the crowd could see the action up-close.

Another bit of excitment occurred when I had to move into "Starsky and Hutch" mode to go after this kid who busted the lines (avoiding check-in, thus avoiding responsibility for future behavioral "mishaps"). I literally chased him through a sea of teenage humanity and grabbed a security person on the way to help me. Busted! But no hard feelings, really, on my part. He's just a kid being a kid. A slightly naughty, disrespectful one, but oh well.

So here I am this morning--what to do, what to do--elliptical machine, finish BSF questions for tonight, grocery for Thanksgiving, pick up the pottery the girls painted at the party, bathe the dog, color my roots, watch Ellen, watch an old movie, set out my snowman collection, read some more of my novel . . . or post on my blog? The blog won out first, but the tennies are on, and the praise music is about to begin . . . This is a great Monday.


Carol said...

All that in one weekend and you're energized enough for the torture...I mean eliptical machine?!?!

I stand in awe.

Sounds like a great weekend!

Susanne said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about your weekend. And you're thinking of going on the eliptical. See in my mind, chasing after that young fella and hauling him down, I mean catching up with him, would have counted for the aerobic workout thereby cancelling today's elliptical. But that's just how I think. Which is probably why I need to lose some weight. Hmmm!

I have a snowman collection too!