Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's Ambrosia, Darlings!

So, if you're like me, you've probably been in the kitchen a lot this evening, preparing for tomorrow. Tonight I've made peanut butter fudge, cranberry something (a concoction of Jello, nuts, pineapple and cranberry relish-y stuff) and Magic Cookie Bars, you know--the graham cracker crust, sweetened milk, choc chips, coconut and pecans.

We do actually eat more than SUGAR for Thanksgiving, but the meal I'm invited to tomorrow is at my brother's, and I'm supposed to bring desserts. I have pies, too.

The last dessert on my list to make tonight is Ambrosia. All of a sudden, I can't find the recipe. So what does the modern cook do in such a pinch? She goes to the Internet, of course.

Only now, since I'm into blogging, before I can search the recipe, I have to see the action out there on the blogs I read and see the traffic on mine. Let me just say that my traffic is "slightly" down . . . maybe everyone is traveling or in the kitchen? Anyway, I never thought I'd wish for "traffic."

Back to Ambrosia--I thought about checking with Sandra Lee--the Food Network Barbie-Beautiful Quick-Cooking artiste who takes all kinds of shortcuts but always allows time and room for some kind of booze in every recipe. This chick probably adds it to her cereal. My kids think it's funny to watch her and see how long it takes for her to add a little "spice" to each recipe. They even bought me one of her cookbooks as a joke last Christmas.

Nah, I just want regular old virgin Ambrosia.

But as I said, I got stuck reading blogs. Then it hit me--that's kind of what these blogs are to me. For what is ambrosia, but:

Something with an especially delicious flavor or fragrance.
A dessert containing primarily oranges and flaked coconut.

I think you can infer my implication here . . . the blogs I read, be they flaky, sweet or tangy, are quite addictive, even without rum.

But now, I've really got to find that recipe!


Susanne said...

I get quite caught up too, and cannot look something up without checking on my bloglines to see if someone has posted something new. And I quite agree with the definition. All the blogs I read are quite delicious, flavorful and fragrant. :v)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Big Mama said...

Are you calling me a flaky nut? : )

Who needs food when you have all that sugar? Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving to me.

Hope you have a wonderful day with your family...and I agree, the blogs are addictive.

Sue said...

Hi Linda,
I was visiting Bev's this evening and saw your comment. Just stopped in to say hi.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
Stop by and visit anytime.