Friday, November 17, 2006

Ok I know I said I wasn't going to post again until after the weekend, but you've just got to read this post at Confessions of a Bad Christian by Dave Burchett. Here is an excerpt:

As I navigate through our increasingly more bizarre culture I alternate between laughing and crying. Yesterday I found out that our government has decided to redefine the plight of poor families in our country. For the thirty-three million Americans without enough money to buy food or families in which parents skip meals so their children can eat are now labeled as having "very low food security." The experts feel that the term “hungry” doesn't really describe their situation.

I think these bureaucrats have “very low common sense capacity." Hungry describes the situation for too many people in this country. I realized that we do the same thing as followers of Jesus. Because we don’t want to offend anyone we manage to do exactly what the government is doing. We have “very low truth and grace security." The late Howard Cosell signature phrase was “telling it like it is." Our culture seems increasingly less capable of calling simple concepts by their name.

Our politically correct society has make sin an archaic and intolerant word. But no word as powerfully communicates any behavior that separates me from a Holy God. By reducing the power of the concept of sin we have negated the awesome gift of grace. You don't need grace to rescue you from idiosyncrasies. I haven't been moved by a hymn that says…

Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound,
That empowered a dysfunctional but spiritually seeking and fundamentally good person like me.

Go Dave! The more I understand grace, the less I'm afraid to admit I sin. The third from last paragraph in the complete post is really good.

Additionally, you should visit this daily devotional from Purpose Driven Life: Planet Earth, Late But Still Great. Here is an excerpt about the mindset of some, especially those who are products of the 1970s, about being disappointed that Christ has not yet returned:

Shame on us for thinking only of ourselves. We’re so quick to scramble on the ark and then close the door and let the rains come. God is more concerned about those who might be left behind than we are, or else he would have returned years ago. We can get so wrapped up in this. We can spend an inordinate amount of time poring over Scripture trying to figure out exactly when this will happen, and then get into arguments with each other over exactly how we think it will happen, when the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is standing outside our door, waiting to be loved.

Both of these guys candidly yet humbly tell it like it is to believers--providing reality checks about things that often slip by unnoticed. They articulate what I think but have not found the words to say. They don't miss a beat, but they also don't miss a beat of the Savior's heart for those who don't know him yet. They speak the truth in love.

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