Friday, November 17, 2006

Our church doesn't meet on Sunday evenings because the people are encouraged to meet in small groups, or cell groups, in homes. My family has been in one for several years, consisting of about 7 families. The women of the group decided to meet without spouses each Wednesday evening after church. We have affectionately called Wednesday nights "Girls' Group Night." So we get together in one friend's home and talk and laugh. A lot. We also pray together and have been able to share struggles we couldn't have shared with anyone else but the Lord. Sometimes we go out to eat, as you see in this picture, particularly on birthdays. Great fun and a blessing that I'm not able to describe in words. (I'm third from the left in the pic, the one appearing to be picking her nose or a chive from a tooth.)

This weekend, we are going shopping in Indy and will stay overnight. Although I love my home (total home-body) and detest hotels more and more, I'm going with the girls. Because of some surprising "zany-ness," (That's a Three's Company word if there ever was one!) my 20-year old has started calling us "Girls Gone Wild." Well, you can see by the picture how funny that is.

So, we're off on a zany shopping trip. Since I'm sure you'll be on your seat's edge waiting to hear about the weekend, when I get back, I'll be sure to tattle -er- I mean tell you if any zany-ness occurs.


D.S. Lear said...

Have fun on your shopping trip but remember this key cultural phrase that's all the rage....sometimes "what happens on shopping trips should stay on the shopping trip" everytime I hear that phrase I think that if something really spectacular could happen to me a 44 I couldn't wait to tell it.....kidding aside if you can call that humor....have a great time can't wait to hear!

Susanne said...

That is so wonderful that you have had a group for so long. I'm sure your trip will be well worth the night spent in a hotel. Hmmm, I think I wanna plan a shopping trip like that with the girls.

Melanie said...

Have fun!