Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thank Goodness for Normalcy

You may be worried that my town is so starstruck that I myself have succumbed to the hype of "Armed and Dangerous," a CBS reality show being taped here.

Not so.

I have my family and friends to keep me grounded and entertained. Here is what you who have little bitty girls and boys have to look forward to in a few short years:

I picked up Baby Girl from middle school today.

Me: How was your day?
Her: Fine. Me and Kalli are going to do homework together tonight.
Me: Kalli and I
Her: (Eye roll)
Me: So tell me something that happened today. What was the high point of your day?
Her: Well . . . (thinking) . . . Nick Columbo tooted in social studies and cracked everyone up.
Me: Hmm. What did the teacher say? Did she hear it?
Her: Everyone heard it. It was one of those that takes forever and kind of "talks" its way out.
Me: Oh poor Nick!
Her: Oh no, he wasn't embarrassed. He thought it was really funny, too.
Me: What did the teacher say?
Her: She said, "When you get to be my age, those things aren't funny anymore." But I don't see how you couldn't laugh at that no matter how old or mean you are.

Me: What else happened?
Her: Jacob Meyers threw a ball up and hit the fire alarm and the whole school had to go outside and it was cold but not raining just cold.
Me: Oh no! Did he get in trouble?
Her: Yea, Mrs. Bennington just looks for reasons to yell. When he tried to tell her what happened, she just kept saying, "Whaaaat? Whaaaaaat?"

Teachers do NOT get paid enough.

Son (17) came in the door this afternoon with big news. He actually tried to find me, a rarity nowadays. I was in the half-bath looking for a gift bag (we keep incidentals in a closet there.) Baby Girl had already followed me in this teeny, tiny little room to finish a story and to see what I was doing. So now he is saying, "Guess what, Mom?" and she is trying to guess what, and I am still trying to find the one I know is in there but look completely focused on him--the three of us are in a room that is literally the size of a closet. Only a toilet and sink are in there.

But that does not stop him because HE INCREASED HIS VERTICAL LEAP SO MUCH THAT HE HAS THE 3RD HIGHEST JUMP IN THE HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL. I don't think you appreciate the momentousness of that announcement. All caps do not do it justice. This is tantamount to winning an all-expense-paid vacation somewhere. I understand that I must react accordingly, and so I do, right there in that spot, wedged in between the toilet and open closet door.

Life is good!

OK, here is a pic of Baby Girl with her hair done up for "crazy hair day" at school, juxtaposed to a girl currently starring in a sitcom. Can you believe how much she resembles her?? If mine had on make up and fuller lips, she could pass for her, I think.

And here is my vertically exceptional boy who is about 5'9 and has a 34" leap. These were taken at the end of November in 60* weather (unheard of around here--Al Gore--are you listening? I'm sorry you ever invented Fahrenheit!) which is now going to turn to snow tomorrow!


Melanie said...

Please tell us what shoes he is wearing. I mean, they are like moonwalkers or something. Maybe Al Gore invented them, too.

Susanne said...

Look at that leap! Way to go!

Aren't teenagers conversations, uhm, interesting?! :v)

Big Mama said...

I am not looking forward to the days of eyerolls...and I know they will be here before I know it.

Congratulations to your son on his vertical skills. That's impressive.

Carol said...

That is a really amazing jump. Are you sure that's not a camera trick? I mean, can Shaq do that?

Beautiful girl! And so sounds like my 14 y/o.

Anonymous said...

That is one impressive vertical leap. And good for you that you recognized the momentous occasion immediately, even in a closet.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I never turn down flowers. You write good stuff, too. Heck, I was clueless about LaToya and Eric Estrada. I'm ashamed, just ashamed to admit it.