Tuesday, November 28, 2006

THIS JUST IN--Does She Have What it Takes? Push May Come to Shove in Celeb's Attempt to Put the Smackdown on America's Hometown

Dateline: Muncie, Indiana, setting of the 1970s Saturday morning cartoon Tom Slick:

The Star Press reports: Celeb Cop Candidate Fails to Pass Push-Up Test

Guess which one?

Don't be sad, La Toya, your arms may have failed the push-up test, but your boobs did not. I think you were asking too much of your arms. Clearly, the boobs are doing their part in getting you onto our police force. Hang in there. Or push in there. You may be keeping Larry King's ticker ticking.

Here's the scoop:

La Toya Jackson failed to complete enough push-ups to pass a physical fitness assessment in becoming a Muncie Police officer for an upcoming reality show, Police Chief Joe Winkle said on Monday.

The rest of the cast -- Erik Estrada, Jack Osbourne, Trish Stratus and Wee Man -- passed, Winkle said.

"La Toya struggled with the push-ups, but we are going to spend some time working with her," Winkle said.

I just bet you are, Chief Winkle. (AKA Wink-Wink Winkle.)


Susanne said...

This is too funny! You must live in some hometown. Never a dull moment.

Big Mama said...

Oh I how loved that LaToya's chest passed the push up test but her arms did not.