Thursday, November 23, 2006

We Had the KGB at Our Thanksgiving--Kids Gone Bored

Giant Goofballs

Although it pains me to admit it at this moment, these are the lights of my life.

*PS: I still can't get my pictures to line up. I'm waiting for my new design any day now . . . .


Susanne said...


At least they weren't beating each other up out of boredom! Not that I know of any kids that would do anything like that mind you. Ahem.

Zim said...

I am ashamed to say that the curse of dial-up has reared it head upon my conquest home and has slowed down my reading of your blog.

Thankfully, I am back. It seems to be running at a satisfactory speed tonight (*crossing fingers*), and I'm so thankful!

I read the last three blogs, and I just soaked it all in. Catching up was so good, and I LOVE the pictures (I think the 3rd one down...and slightly to the my favorite, but they're all great).

I'm so thankful for you! My prayer today is for you, Linda! Thanks for loving Jesus & not being able to help but to labor in all you do! You're making the harvest happen, and I'm thankful to know you!

Carol said...

I love how free they are to be silly! What a shame we outgrow that at some point.

Hope your TDay was happy and blessed!