Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekend Update: I'm Unmasked, My Town is Uncouth, My Daughter is Having an UN-Sleepover, and My Column is Sill Undone

Item 1: OK, Maggie at Magnanimity, this one's for you! Here I am, "Unmasked." (Reference to previous post by that title for irony.) The reason I was so interested in your comment was that my husband has never liked the picture I have in my profile. He thinks I look like a thug. Or thugette. I just thought it was kind of whimsical or spunky, plus it still kind of hid my face. There is a part of this milk-toast, mid-western girl who wants to mix it up once in a while. But not with my fists, which I fear the profile photo suggests.

As for the browns, I chose it back in April because of my title being about coffee. I have put in a request for new look from Susie at Bluebird Blogs, and I'm anxiously awaiting my unveiling. I'm actually more of a lavender girl. So I hope that clears up the antagonism of my words vs. my face.

Item 2: Recently I wrote about a Muncie woman who repeatedly hit a burglar over the head with a 10" pot. Within a week, I wrote about another female who fired a .38 revolver at an intruder. We ain't done. Today the Muncie Star Press reports about a slender man who KO'd an intruder:

The slender southpaw delivered a knockout punch to an intruder around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday while defending the door to his northside apartment, according to police reports.
The man hit his head on a concrete patio as he fell and remained unconscious for about five minutes, leading the 23-year-old Walker to believe he might have killed him. "But then he started snoring," Walker said.

What is going on in my hometown? It's like the Wild West here. Husband says we are becoming a "B.A. Town." "Huh?" I say. "What does that mean . . . Business Analyst Town?" "Not hardly," he replies in his sheriffin' voice. "Bad A**."

"Oh." Maybe it's in the water, and that would explain why I chose a Bad A** picture for my profile.

Item 3: We took four teenaged girls to a quaint little art studio called "The Artist Within" tonight to celebrate Baby Girl's birthday. I took lots of pictures and embarrassed them like a good mom should. Now they are back at our house for a sleep over, which of course, is a misnomer. It should be called a "noise-over," or "giggle-over." Currently, two are sitting on the sofa with the other two on the floor in front of them so that they can do each other's hair. They are all into Pirates of the Caribbean and can't wait for the sequel coming out soon. While we were eating pizza, I said, "Do you like this movie so much because of Johnny Depp?"



Four artistes painting bisque ware and Baby Girl painting her project

Once a pirate, always a pirate. This cracks me up.


Susanne said...

You gave me a great idea to check out for my girl's birthday coming up. She'd love something like this.

I love the picture of you and your girl. LOL to hubby's comments about your profile pic. It might be good you look a little tough with the weird anonymous person who's been leaving way long weirded out comments on some people's sites. Might keep strange one's like them away. :v)

Magnanimity said...

Nice to meet you.

Hmmm. Thug? :-) Don't hold much back, do they?

The Human Napkin said...

I can't wait for my daughter to be a teenager so I can do all the embarassing things my mom did to me. Oh, the good times we'll have...

And I LOVE LOVE the new quotes in your profile at the top!

Carol said...

Looking forward to seeing that Bluebird Designs comes up with. I hear such good things about their designs!

Enjoy those un-sleepovers while you can, is what I think.