Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Contribution to World Peace

Listening to carols today, I was transported back in time to about 18 years ago, when my oldest daughter was 2. She was sitting at the kitchen table, busily coloring and singing along to carols. I was cooking, not paying much attention to her, until I heard her little voice singing words that were not in the song. I strained to hear what she was saying and suddenly put 2 and 2 together: when she was very little and still nursing, for some reason I called breasts "nursies." But by the time she was two, "nursies" were a thing of the past, at least until I heard her version of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." She was softly, sweetly singing, "Peace on Earth/and nursies mild . . . ." Glad I laid off the spicy stuff. Who knew that going easy on the onions and garlic could help usher in world peace?


Melanie said...

FUNNY! I'm glad you stayed with bland foods, too. No telling what you would be posting about her these days. :>)

Susanne said...

I just love kids' translations! Very cute! And I love your picture! You're gorgeous lady!

Anonymous said...

One slight problem: The picture of the little girl was taken in Muncie (notice the fireplace behind her). Therefore, that little girl was actually THREE years old, not TWO. You, my friend, are a fraud.

Linda said...

Dear "Anonymous." You left the newspaper all over the kitchen bar this morning, but I digress. The little girl in the pic is 2 1/2, not 3. You, my friend, are once again singin' your favorite tune, entitled,"I'm So Wrong." Nevertheless, "If Lovin' You is Wrong," then . . . I still wanna be right. See you at the party tonight!

Maggie said...

The comments are as funny as the post. Love the new pic...it matches you.

THERE you are.

Maggie, the photo critic