Sunday, December 03, 2006


No real point to this post, just a log of my day and some thoughts. When people began blogging, their posts were not thematic or writing venues; they were daily on-line diaries of a sort. I don't think I've ever just written about an ordinary day.

I got up at 5:30 yesterday morning (Saturday), and it took me about 30 minutes to fully wake up. Husband brought me my usual cup of coffee that opens my eyes. I enjoyed that wonderful libation while admiring our Christmas tree lights.

After reading the paper, (notice no Bible reading this morning) I hopped on the elliptical machine for 60 minutes while listening to my favorite music. At least it was great music for worship, which I did, by the sweat of my brow. I always feel "done" by 30 minutes, but I'm pushing through. How else do you fight cheesecake at every turn during the Christmas season?

I showered, then dusted and swept my bedroom, etc., and immediately broke out into a major allergy attack. Dust is my worst enemy. I've followed all of the allergist's directives for fighting it, but she says the extent of my allergy to dust goes beyond regular meds and envionmental control. Anyway, what happens to my eyes, the worst system to be affected, is demonstrated by the ugly picture above, which is a document of a mild reaction. The whites of my eyes go red and start to swell up around the iris, which continues half down my face, sometimes swelling the eye shut. Of course, they are pouring water the entire time while I sneeze, etc. Very attractive.

Next I went to the grocery, then I went home and ate some new aquisitions, which included some fudgy cookies. Talk about sabotaging yourself! All that work on the elliptical! Oh well. Yummy goodness.

I then took Baby Girl shopping. At one point, she was in a Macy's fitting room, and a lovely young woman walked in to try on clothes. A few seconds later, her boyfriend or husband followed her right in and gave his opinion of her outfit. Is this a new trend I don't know about? Because my 14 year-old daughter was not comfortable with him in there, and neither was I. Teenage girls are self-conscious enough, esp. when they're young teens, without having to hide from a male while trying on clothes. The shopping accounted for several hours. By the time we finished around 5:30, it felt like the bones of my feet were pushing through the soles.

Nevertheless, I wasn't done, so I dropped her off and headed out to pick up some incidentals, and guess what?? I found some very inexpensive seasonal dishes that I really like, so I can actually do my own table next year at the Christmas Gathering.

When I came home, I set up the whole dishes find to husband: "You know how children, when they're about to be naugty, weigh the enjoyment of the temptation against the consequence of the action and still choose to act out?"

Deadpan look from Husband. "What did you do." More of a statement than a question.

I explained the great deal I got and how I could use them this season and at the Gathering and how I actually saved him money . . . " (The oldest precocious line/trick in the household TV sitcom script. Probably devised by Samantha Stevens on Bewitched to placate/fool Darren, based on a former stunt pulled by Lucy on Desi. May not be original--but it works. If all else fails, you can just say, "The serepent tricked me.")

A lot of unwinding ensued, and then I checked my blog before heading off to bed. Apparently, my updates on Erik Estrada are quite the popular topic among those females who are in serious love with him. So this pic is for them:

This is CPR practice. I read that the average celebrity pay for an average reality show (not the big ones) is between $10,000 and $25,000. Wow.

Then I went to bed, turned on my air purifier for white noise (because it does not help my dust allergy), set the timer on my TV and listened to some angry Santa show and drifted off to sleep, in which I dreamed that my former boss had returned to town along with President John F. Kennedy to tell us some enigmatic "bad news." Next thing I knew I was about to go over the giant "hill" of a roller coaster, and I as went over, I jolted awake. Time for more coffee!


The Human Napkin said...

"The serpent tricked me!" I'm going to have to remember that the next time I go crazy on eBay. Which, I'm not positive, but might possibly be today. Or tomorrow. Now I'm off to refill my own coffee cup for the third time. Have a good day!

Big Mama said...

For just a commentary on your day, that was very entertaining. Your poor eyes...if dust does that to you, you better not ever come to my house.

And I have been tempted by Christmas dishes everywhere I go so no wonder you had to give in.

Erika said...

You make my life seems so slow. Love your blogg, thanks for the update on Erik Estrada.

Susanne said...

Up at 5:30 on a Saturday??? And an hour on the eliptical! Boy your making me feel a little convicted, here. All I do is complain as stare at my treadmill once or twice a day, but to get on it? Doesn't seem to happen.

It was fun reading about a day in the life of Linda. Although I'm very sorry about your allergies. They sound just awful when they kick in!