Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Armed and Cancelled

Well, it's over. Kaput. We're cancelled. Muncie had its four weeks' of fame, and now we're axed. "Armed and Famous," the reality celeb-cop show is now history. Sort of. You can catch it Saturday on VH1 in an "Armed and Famous" marathon. WARNING: Four back-to-back episodes of this show will leave you wishing one of the celeb cops had tasered you to unconsciousness. It is so lame, and yet, so sublime.

This is your last chance to see Erik Estrada biting his lip trying not to swear, Wee man riding in a "booster" seat, and Trish Stratus teaching a man how to romance his wife who called the police over an argument they had about shampoo gettting in their baby's eyes. By taking him to the 7-11 and buying the wife cheap gifts, Trish saved the marriage. And LA TOYA----being LA TOYA----you can't top that. Last week her Muncie police officer partner told her to stop crouching down so much when she answered calls. She said, "That's really for SWAT Teams. Stop doing that."

The salve in this whole mess is Jack Osbourne, who was so good at being a cop he has been offered a job on our force. I don't think he'll take the job, but we'd be proud to have that kid here. We are smitten with Jack. Here is this kid, born to an infamous family, gaining fame just because of his last name, losing himself in drugs and food to cope, and then crawling out of that hole through re-hab, and apparently, sticking to a new way of life. He seems amazingly unspoiled and humble. And it's as if this job fulfilled something in him ... maybe a feeling of accomplishment beyond accomplishing sobriety; who knows.

It sure was a fun ride.

"Can you tell me who designed this outfit?" La Toya


Susanne said...

Well I gotta say I did not catch one single episode. I saw 2 seconds where LaToya was helping deliver a baby or something like that.

Roxanne said...

Hey--atleast you got to see the "virul infekshuuuuuuun" episode. . .