Monday, January 22, 2007

Caffeinated Catch Up

It's been 6 days since I posted, but it feels like more. It sure was good to get back to reading my "Daily Fixes" on my blogroll. I missed you guys.

I broke my "1 Cup" rule today and had my 2nd cup of coffee tonight, before Bible study. This may have to become a regular habit, as my advanced age is proving to be quite the deterrant to lookin' alive after 6 p.m. Bingo players must get all hopped up on the stuff, the way they go at it at those ungodly hours past 7:00 p.m.

So Thursday, Jorge, Baby Girl and I went to Indianapolis for her Honor Choir workshop/performance. We have no idea why our girls can sing like they do. It's like they sprang forth from the womb able to speak this whole other language that I can't speak, like Chinese or something, and there's no explanation for it except possibly gene mutation between their dad and me. It may also be possible that one chid was switched at the hospital at birth, but probably not two.


So we got there and they did not have our hotel room reserved, even though we paid for it. Long story short, we got upgraded to a very nice room at the Omni, probably the biggest one I've ever stayed in. So with my bag of peanut M & Ms, my luxurious bedding, my novel and Oprah going on simultaneously, I was the Omni Queen. (Queen of Everything.)

While in Indy, we couldn't help noticing the COLTS everywhere. There was a giant, and I mean giant, poster of Peyton Manning on the side of the RCA Dome. We wondered, "How does one deal with that, emotionally, to see oneself blown up 10 times bigger than life, a sort of idol to the masses? What does it feel like to have thousands of little boys with your name on the backs of their jersies?" What a responsibility. I hope Peyton Manning is well-grounded. I hope his marriage doesn't fall apart. Their coach, Tony Dungy, is a solid Christian. Well, anyway, the game was exciting, even to me. And so, as a Hoosier, I must at this juncture say, "Go Colts."

Here is a man showing you big Peyton.

Saturday, I went to the women's retreat at a little city north of us. I believe I was the first one to the bunk that night (surprise). I met a new person; she is campaigning full-time for mayor of Muncie. She doesn't look like a mayor; she's very feminine and pretty. But she's well-spoken and graceful and intelligent. Interesting. If she's elected, I can say, "I bunked with the mayor and used her soap." But then again, maybe I won't say that.

I led the 3rd of three sessions on Saturday. We had used chocolate throughout the retreat to symbolize extravagance--God's extravagant grace. My session was about reflecting God's grace and sharing what he has so richly lavished on us with others. I think it went pretty well. There were a couple of stories that slipped out of my mouth up there that I thought about later, "Did I really say that in front of those women?" Yep. I told the story about how Jorge's grandma came to Thanksgiving at our house and fell and hit her head, leaving a dent in the wall, and how we almost called 911. Um, somehow that fit the topic. I think.

At home Saturday, I fell asleep at 5:00 pm, thinking I was taking a nap. I slept until 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Then I took an hour and half nap Sunday afternoon. That's 16 hours of sleep out of 24. I am old.

Monday was catch up at work day, and here we are.

I'm so glad to be home. I like my home that has intermittent mysterious odd smells, a broken dishwasher, piles of laundry, a needy dog, fake luxurious bedding, frozen food, and a husband who brings me coffee every morning. Home is where kids who make good grades can't figure out how to transport clothes to the laundry room (Mapquest?), but they can put the needy dog IN the basket and take a picture. Home is a safe place to go on and off Weight Watchers in one day, and a place where I meet with my blogging friends, who are scattered out there somewhere and yet are also right here less than an arm's length away. Ahhhh. It's so cozy it makes me sleepy. Good grief! What am I doing up? It's 11:00 p.m.!

Go COLTS, Then Take a Nap!


Susanne said...

2 cups of coffee?! My girl you're living dangerously there! :v)

How cool that both you're girls can sing. Not your son?

I know what you mean about needing that coffee if you have anything to do after 6. Sheesh. But if I drink it I'm wide awake at midnight!

You'll have to get a recording of your lesson and see exactly how you fit in that story with your lesson. Sounds like it was very interesting.

Linda said...

Yep, two cups! I didn't have trouble sleeping because I had to take two allergy pills at bedtime. Wow, it's like uppers and downers! I don't know if our son can sing; I suspect he can but will not grace everyone. However, when he was little, he sang just as much. OH ... there will be no recording of my talk! Ha ha. Gee, I'd hate to hear that. Wonder how pastors get past being embarrassed of themsleves when they listen to their own sermons. Thanks for coming back, Susanne!

Carol said...

I'm glad the trip went well. See, I knew you'd survive it. And marvelously so, I might at. Like, 2 cups of coffee is an essential for me. Anything other than that is sort of contingent on blood levels, the weather and who I have to put up with that day.

Poor colts.

Melanie said...

Glad to have you back. I kept clicking over here and seeing Wednesday's look of distain, thinking,"Awww, man. She isn't back yet."

The photo of the man pointing makes me laugh. It is like "Do you see that? Look!"

Yes, we see it, sir. It is HUGE. I think that was the point.

Big Mama said...

I'm glad your trip went well and you're all caught up on your sleep.

Being the Omni queen sounds like my idea of heaven.

Susan said...

I love the Omni--and Indy!! Sounds like your busy weekend was a blessing...and the Colts win...well, that was just GREAT!! I posted about that on my blog I am a HUGE Dungy fan.

Have a great week.


:-) Susan

BTW, my older boys are going to Chicago for the Willow Creek Student Conference in Chicago at the end of February.

Roxanne said...

Your post was just right. . .a nice, catch up conversation and a lovely description of home. What is better?