Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Outta Here

What a week--wait--it's only Wednesday. And yet, I'm at my wit's end, so it feels like it should be the week's end. But I'm almost outta here--I'm going with my daughter to the Indiana State Honor Choir Thingy Thursday and Friday in Indianapolis, and then to a women's retreat Friday and Saturday. More about that later.

Last night, my husband and I squabbled over who would take our son to his scholarship interview today at 4 p.m. This interview is connected with that application I accidentally doodled on the other morning. By the way, we finished all documents before the deadline, and I took it to the post office, where the kind lady stamped "first class" on the front, and it STILL didn't arrive on time. I think MLK day got us. The admissions counselor cut us some slack, though.

Anyway, we decided he would take him today and I would do other things like my allergy shots and pick up Baby Girl. Neverthless, the stress of the week culminated in the squabble, which resulted in my dreaming all night long about being lost on a college campus. I was a nomad, asking everyone around me if they knew where the building was I was looking for. I dreamed of people from my past and present and even cousins in California. Not a soul knew where the building was.

Then I woke up this morning to a bout of ... repeated trips to the powder room to relieve significant gastrointestinal paroxysms of the non-solid variety.

I was swamped at work, trying to get tasks done for Sunday, which, of course, for Oneighty is the big night of the week, because I'm out of the office the next two days. Git 'er done.

Off to Target to get medicine, found 75% off sales on purses and a belt (highlight of the last month for me) and then picked up Baby Girl.

Since then, I have run the sweeper, strategized a way to mend a fence between two of my friends, begun dinner and plopped down here with a Diet Coke. When this is over, there will be laundry. Hemingway was half right when he wrote, "The Sun Also Rises" because the other sure thing in life is "The Laundry Pile Also Rises."

Here is what I'm daring to dream about over the next two days as I move between hotel room and hotel banquet room where the kids rehearse: Peanut M & Ms, York Peppermint Patties, a movie, and reading my new book which my friend suggested to me.

The book is called "The Kite Runner," by Khaled Hosseini, and I'm only on chapter 3, which I've read while waiting in the car and in the allergist's waiting room. My friend Madelyn said this is a great book, and even though I don't usually read fiction, if Madelyn says it's good, I know it's good. If Madelyn said to me, "Hey, have you looked directly into the sun with your naked eyes lately? It's bright and shiny, and you should do it," I probably would.

So, for a couple of days, I will not answer the phone in my sing-song fake polite voice: "Oneighty! This is Linda; may I help you?" I may not talk at all.

For the next couple of days, I will not do dirty laundry. I will create dirty laundry.

For the next couple of days, I will not feel compelled to read a certain amount of the Bible, do my BSF Bible Study or my cell group marriage Bible study. I've been on Bible overdrive lately. I am going to read about what's it like to be Afghani (I think.)

For the next couple of days, I am not going to be on the elliptical machine. I will be eating bon bons.

So, I'll check back in later. I may take the laptop; I'm not sure.

In the meantime, the next episode of "Armed and Famous" comes on tonight, which will inspire me, I know, and I'm leading a session at the women's retreat, "Chocolate Boutique," which will provide some bon bons for thought, I'm sure.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Roxanne said...

Oh my. Well, I am glad that you have some major lounging and favorite chocolate in your future. I dreamed last night that I had slept through my 1st and 2nd period classes at school (I'M the TEACHER), and didn't wake up until 3rd period--and I may or may not have been wearing a bra. YIKES.

His Singer said...


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

And may the gods of gastronomy be kind to you on your journey.

Melanie said...

Feel better soon and enjoy your trip!

The Human Napkin said...

Linda! Guess what!?!?! I found out they're showing "Armed and Famous" on one of our local stations, and I watched like the last ten minutes of it (because I'm punctual that way). I have to say, it was WAY better than "Cops." But I'm bumfuzzled by the previews for next week. Seriously? LaToya is going undercover as a prostitute? I can't wait!

Susan said...'re going to be busy...but it sounds like you actually may catch a couple of days for YOU! That's a good thing. Enjoy!

:-) Susan

Carol said...

Praying you survive your next couple of days! Be safe and be blessed.

samurai said...

Wow - and I thought my life was busy! :) May God watch over your comings and goings... and I pray that you will feel better. :)