Saturday, January 06, 2007

Support Systems

Support systems. You gotta have 'em. You gotta be one for somebody else.

Illustration A

I signed on for the virtual walk over at The Ultimate Creator. Today I did 5 stinkin' honkin' miles on my elliptical machine. There was nothing good on TV that early. My choice was between the Magic Bullet infomercial, sports, sci-fi and news. Mostly I chose news, but after a while, you realize you're in a news loop. (And, not to be picky, but Saddam was not "hung," if you're talking about the noose around his neck. He was "hanged.") It got so bad I started watching the sci-fi movie, which is a genre that I've seen maybe twice in my life. Call it desperate for distraction.

So at 5 miles, I got off the machine by sort of collapsing to the right and lay there on my back wondering how I'm going to do the Indy mini that I signed up for in May. There's no way. Unless, as happened to one of my co-workers, I'm mistakenly assigned to the disabilities section of the race, where, if I'm lucky, someone in a wheelchair will take pity on me, sling me over his lap and carry me across the finish line. It's my only hope.

Anyway, I'm lying there, and who do you think comes along but my support system? She plopped down as close to me as she could on her back as if she were thinking, "This activity is the greatest. You are brilliant! I don't know exactly why we're doing this, but if you're doing it, so am I. And by the way, it's time to touch up your roots. I'm only telling you because I'm looking out for you; I'm your support system."

Next time: Support Systems, Illustration B, How I Shopped with my Mom at "The Wiggery."


Roxanne said...

Just came to visit since you stopped by my place and oh. my. goodness. I loved both of the posts I read. . .your little manifesto uttered by your support system--perfection. Sorry about you allergy eye--find it HILARIOUS that your mom calls it potpourrhea. . .which is probably what most men think of it.

Welcome to the south.

Roxanne said...

I thought blogger ate my comment, but now I see I need to be approved. . .should I mimic one of your phone messages? "Garble, garble, static, clunk, static, can I have a ride?"

There--that oughtta do.

Linda said...

Roxanne, and by the way, may I say I LOVE your name, thanks for stopping by. I am loving my southern exposure, oh sweet mercy, I am!

Susanne said...

That dog of yours is so adorable! Her teeny little legs sticking up there just crack me up. And I was trying to just brush by it but I gotta say it: "5 MILES, FIVE MILES"????? There it is now out of my system.

Melanie said...

I love that picture. It is so sweet. A girl's best friend. :>)

Nancy said...

Thanks for plugging our walk on your blog! Great job walking 5 all at once. I did two today and if it hadn't been for my DVR playing America's Next Model that I taped over the weekend I never would have made it.
Your doggie is adorable. My daughter would love to carry her around.