Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Appendage self-extrication complicated by vexatious inter-jointal pulsation?

My illness started Monday afternoon, just after I had my yearly gynecological exam, so you can see this was an all around party day.

The instant I got home, a high fever came on, and I began to shake and chill like I never have. My husband put five or six quilts on me and put a large space heater near the upper part of my torso, but I STILL could not stop shaking. The flesh on my face may have been melting, but I was still freezing, even after four Ibuprofen, which is the most I've ever taken.

In addition, every single joint hurt, even my toe joints. But the most odd sensation was that the upper arms, the outside shoulder area, felt like they were tearing away from my frame, as if I had been trying to hold 75 lb weights in each hand, and finally, my arms were just coming apart. You are asking yourself: "Does she know how weird that sounds?" Yes, yes I do. I've been asking myself, "What is this strange affliction?" Appendage self-extrication complicated by vexatious inter-jointal pulsation? Is this a case for Dr. House?

Today, after I was up a while, I tried to get caught up with you all, but it has not been easy. Let's just say I'm slow with blurry vision added in just for fun, and if you could see all the typos I'm making, you would crack up. So now, I'm going to go take a great big warm shower so that I can feel I've stepped back in to real life. Thanks for your prayers. Really.


Susan said...

Just reading the title of this entry wore me out!! :-)

Seriously, I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Stay warm.

:-) Susan

Melanie said...

Were you reading the dictionary while you recovered? :>)

Hope you are well very soon.

Linda said...

No, but I did study medical terminiology for a while, thinking I was going to be a transriptionist. The terms I just used, however, are not official terms, just dumb ones I made up.

Susanne said...

And the King James behemoth did not help warm you up? Poor girl! Hope you're feeling better soon. 4 Ibuprofens at once is just way too many!

Southern Girl said...

Linda, I'm sorry you're feeling so terribly! Do you think you might have the flu? That high fever and chills even with five or six quilts on you sure sounds like me when I had the flu two years ago.

Hope you're starting to feel better by now!

Big Mama said...

I hope you feel better soon!

His Singer said...

Uh...I can't catch anything from reading your blog, can I?

Whew! I thought not, but you never can tell. There are all kinds of computer viruses out there, you know...

Seriously, take care of yourself! I can't bear to think of ANYONE going through that, especially one of my faithful commenters!