Monday, February 05, 2007

Colts are Super Bowl Champs

Well, it's very satisfying morning. The Colts are the new champs, and Prince has brought family values back to the half-time show. (ha) See the post below for my up-to-the-minute fashion commentary on him last night. I loved hearing about Tony Dungy's faith in God. They say that he never raises his voice at his players or swears. As I watched him accept the Lombardi trophy, I remarked to my husband, "Still, although this is great, what he wouldn't give to have his son back." My heart goes out to his family.


Susanne said...

What a great game. Congrats to the Colts. And also the Bears for making it to the Superbowl.

Carol said...

It was definitely an interesting game! Turn-overs were a huge factor. I was so pleased to see such good officiating - something I would like to have seen more of during the regular season. Prince was a pleasant surprise - except when silhouetted and that unnecessary protrusion on the guitar cast an equally unnecessary shadow.

Blasted commercials were a disappointment, though.

Big Mama said...

I thought that same thing about Tony Dungy last night. You know there is a sadness there that no Super Bowl trophy could take away.

Susan said...

I was SO EXCITED for Dungy and the Colts. Both coaches have great testimonies and really show their faith in great ways. You're right, I know that he'd love to have his son back.

Congrats to all the Hoosiers out there...and other Colt's fans.

:-) Susan