Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Princess Dress and the Prom Store

Guess how much I paid for this brand new, beautiful prom dress? Go on--guess!

One dollar. Yep. Marked down, and marked down and marked down.

Last year, while shopping in late spring, I happened upon prom dresses on sale. I saw this "princess" dress marked to $1.00 and had to have it. You should see the detail on it--taffeta skirt, appliques, beads, sequins, and a bodice that laces up the back, all in a subtle ballet pink. Gorgeous. ONE DOLLAR.

Now, the funny thing is, I had no reason to buy it. One daughter is too old, the other too young. I have no family/friends who might want it. But something in me said, "Buy that dress. Somebody will use it; it will be a blessing."

Fast forward to this year. Our church partners with a sister church ministering to inner city inhabitants who have the least material advantages in our city. The church, Blood 'N' Fire, is offering a new program this year for young girls who would like to go to prom but are financially strapped, called "Prom Dress Store."

So we are collecting new or very gently-worn formal dresses, bridesmaids dresses and prom dresses, as well as shoes, evening purses, jewelry and unused make-up to offer at this seasonal store. Dresses will be available to local high school girls for $15.00 each Saturday until after prom season. The reason they're not free is so that the girls can feel good about contributing something and not receiving a donation. In addition, any profit made in this endeavor goes right back into Blood 'N' Fire's after school program.

But that's not all. Macy's department store is offering an awesome opportunity: each girl may put her name in a drawing for a complete prom package: dress, hair, makeup--all gratis. And some employees are coming to Blood 'N' Fire on other dates to do hair and makeup. Isn't this a great idea?

I am so thrilled that I bought this dress! I believe the Holy Spirit prompted me to purchase it, knowing, of course, that this opportunity would arrive. It makes me want to go out and buy several at the end of the season to do it again next year!

I just hope the girl who wears this has a better prom experience than I had. I spent my first prom tugging at my butter-yellow frou-frou spaghetti strap dress the entire evening, as I had no means of natural support, if you know what I mean. One false step on that hem, and it would've been all over! It's kind of hard to relax during a slow dance when you've got to concentrate on keeping your date far enough away to stay off your hem!

Anyway, my prayer is, "God bless the littl girl who wears this dress. Although she is already a princess in your eyes, please let her feel very special that night. Please guard and protect her heart and body, and may she have a wonderful memory to cherish forever."


His Singer said...

WOW. It's amazing how God can use you if you listen to His "still, small voice" isn't it? How great that you were able to bless someone with this beautiful dress!

Sandy said...

Proof that the Lord does indeed bless shopping mamas :-) I'm impressed that your prom even had slow dances! All I remember is wretched fast music and me wondering how anyone else managed to jump around in those huge dresses. Where was the romance? Maybe it was just me... still a geek at heart :-)

Susanne said...

That is really sweet! What a great idea. And that is just a miracle that you actually picked up a dress for a buck. How awesome is that!

Melanie said...

I couldn't wait to get to the part where you told us what He was going to do with it! :>)

This is a great ministry idea!

email me- I have an idea.


Big Mama said...

Wow, Linda, what a cool thing to do. Those girls are going to feel so special.

Susie said...

That looks a lot like my prom dress in 85' since the movie "Pretty in Pink" was a big deal and I had to have pink. I love how God worked it out to bless someone with that dress.

Susan said...

That is just so cool!! I love how God works that way. Our town has a school for unwed mothers...and they really go all out to help these girls have a prom experience since their circumstances dictate that they give up so much of their "normal" high school days.

I love that you are able to give in such a neat way.

:-) Susan

Roxanne said...

What a gorgeous dress, and what a beautiful idea regarding the prom store. I know some girl will be thrilled beyond measure to find that dress--it will be JUST the right style and JUST the right color. . .I will have to blog about MY "prom" experience sometime soon. :)