Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hoosier Tundra

Oh man. It is 9*F here in Indiana. That's -12*C. That's 260* kelvin. That's 360* Hobbes. Get it? Kelvin and Hobbes! Ha. That is a joke coming from a frozen person, which is why it is lame.

We are sitting under blankets with sweatshirt hoods up and space heaters going. We are making odd noises like beat boxes. Stuffing our Yorkshire Terrier up our sleeves. Anything for warmth.

Earlier I ventured out from the homestead onto the frozen tundra to get to Walmart, and it was packed with Peyton Manning (GO COLTS!) jersey wearers, from infants to grandmas. I just wanted to get my food and get out.

You won't believe this. Walmart was OUT of chocolate chips. Not low on chips, but OUT. I've been to Walmart on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, but they're never out of baking supplies. I looked around and saw that they were out of any kind of baking chips except cinnamon and toffee. Unreal! I grabbed a bag of peanut M & M's instead, but they don't work in brownies very well.

So I get home and thaw my fingers and toes, go to get the M & M's and ... they're gone! Vanished! I have turned the kitchen and car upside down, and they are nowhere to be found. AAARGH.

If you were a pounder bag of M & M's, where would you hide from me???


Southern Girl said...

Does any of your family look guilty? You might pick them up one by one and shake them -- see if you can hear M&Ms rattling in their tummys. ;)

Susanne said...

Did they make it into the bag at Walmart? Did you eat them on the way home and can't remember? Did 1 out of 3 children or 1 hubby find it before you? Are they on the ground beside your vehicle?

Okay, I'm outa ideas now. Do what I did with the missing little blog book. Offer the kids something if they find it. Strapping son had it found within 2 minutes.

crickl's nest said...

yikes! That would be disappointing!

Once I bought school supplies, etc at Walmart, paid for them and went home (a half an hour drive!). THEN I found out that one of my bags of paid for merchandise was missing, so I called the store. The manager talked to the checker and she remembered that I had 'forgotten' a bag of stuff, so she had a stock person put it back on the shelves!!!! That was MY stuff! They let me come back with my receipt and try to decipher what was in the bag (including a $20 kid's backpack)...but the point was...they didn't even hold it for me for 10 minutes, they just put it back on the shelves.

So I hope you find your M's anything else missing??

Merle said...

Hi Linda ~~ Nice to meet you. I am glad that you visited and enjoyed the Mother story. I am sure not too many of the things mentioned applied to you. I see where you appreciated that your Mom read to you.
I hope you did ring your Mom and tell her you loved her. So if I helped
in you doing that, I am wel pleased.
Take care Linda in the cold weather
and remember Spring will arrive soon. I hope you found the M & Ms !!!
Take care, Cheers, Merle.

Melanie said...

The dog peeking out is hysterical.

I had no idea of the Super Bowl rules! No way. Not fair. Uh-Uh.

Hope you find those M&M's before they freeze!

Sadie said...

I would hide in the flat part of the cart, underneath the basket. Where you would forget me and leave me on the cart in the parking lot.

But that's just me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!