Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Not So Pretty From Elliptical Mountain

This is a Virtual Walk update: I have now amassed 51 miles. That sounds like a lot (to me), but in perspective, it's little. It amounts to about 30 minutes a day several days a week. Nothing to write home about, or blog about, except that God spoke to me today on the elliptical machine.

Yeah,that's a weird thing to say. But there I was, tuned into the oldies station on my MP3, elliptisizing (my word!) away to "Funky Town," when I looked up, surveyed my room, and my discorama came to an abrupt halt.

Half of the picures and wall fixtures on the walls were seriously crooked. And there were some natural sculptures created by spiders that I hadn't been appreciating.

"What is THIS?" I thought to myself. Before I worked, I used to keep a really clean house, tidy, inside drawers and out. What has brought us to this lowly state?

Just then, the word "Perspective" came to me. Simple as that. I was up about two feet higher than I normally am, and I noticed all kinds of out-of-whack things.

So all at once, I realized how situations in life change depending on perspective. God sees everything. And he loves us, as a clever someone has said, too much to leave us where we are.

That is why, I can be shuffling along through life, and suddenly some character flaw or sin or habit or whatever you want to call it is brought to my attention. Such as, "Wow. That was a really prideful thing you just thought. Better take a closer look at that."

It is a blessing to have a Perspective greater and higher than my own to use as a standard.

What is even greater is that when things are too messed up for me to handle, he makes the crooked things straight in my life.

I wrote this in about 4 minutes, so if I rambled, it's because I'm sweaty, panting, humbled, late in hitting the shower, and I have to go buy food for a work party. But I had to get it out before I forget it, before I lose this perspective!


Susan said...

LOVE IT Linda!! Perspective is EVERYTHING isn't it? I pray that God blesses you richly today.



Carol said...

Thanks for your heightened perspective. A wonderful reminder that there is always a point of view higher than my own.

Melanie said...

What struck me is that you noticed it while you were "higher up." :>) We see things when we are closer to Him.

Seriousness aside, when I read "what has brought us to this lowly state?" I immediately thought, "It. It was... soap poisoning!" (too much Christmas Story!)

Thanks for sharing your perspective, cobwebs and all! :>)

Susanne said...

Well Linda your sweaty revelation was just for me today. Made total sense!

samurai said...

I meant to tell you... that reference inspired me as well.

I am only a few miles into my goal... but the longest journey is comnpleted one step at a time. :)

I need to get on that machine more often.

Roxanne said...

Loved your view from a new height. . .and even if it the spider "sculputures" are still there in a week--your lesson will be too. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Linda said...

You all are so encouraging. What a blessing to come home at the end of the day and read your comments!

James said...

Linda, I was having a really bad day yesterday and then I read this reflection. Thanks for helping me start to get a little bit more perspective on my own life!

(you might remember me...I am a friend of Josh Brammer's and used to work for Habitat for Humanity).

Linda said...

Hey, James, I absolutely do remember you! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the post. When I read your comment, my stomach went in a little knot because your vulnerability touched me. I hope you're having a better day today and that God blesses you the way you blessed me today.