Saturday, February 03, 2007

True Blue

GO COLTS! This is a Muncie Bureau of Water Quality employee using blue food dye to color the water in the White River. The city, this state, is a frenetic mess today, awaiting the big game tomorrow.

Several churches who had planned big Super Bowl parties have had to cancel them due to strict NFL regulations about broadcasting/watching this game. For instance, you cannot make up signs using the words "Super Bowl Sunday" due to copyright infringements. And the screen must be less than 55". And you have to promise to hand over your school's valedictorian and have the soles of your feet fused together, THEN, you may host a Big Game (Sup.Bl.) party. Just kidding about those last two, but there is a long list of stipulations any organization must follow. Basically, the list pretty much ensures that no church can host a big party, only they don't dare come right out and say that. A couple of Indiana churches have had to cancel their wing-dings because of this, and there is quite a backlash against the NFL.

End score: Bars-1, Churches-0.

Now back to regularly scheduled blogging: See Lower than a Hyena's Mom, below.


Susanne said...

Amazing that bars can have a big a screen as they like and sell whatever they want but a church cannot have a free event to watch it. What's wrong with that picture?

Enjoy your ultra blue drinking water today! (c:

Southern Girl said...

Boy, I'd be in seventh heaven to turn on our water faucet and have blue water run out! Blue's my favorite color and I LOVE the Colts! Go Peyton!!

Roxanne said...

I'm wondering just HOW MUCH blue food coloring it takes to change the hue of an entire river.

Sadie said...

You know, I saw that. And I guess my husband should be glad I didn't let him get the 60" TV he wanted (although we did get the 55" one-- does that mean we just made it under the rule or just didn't make it?). How odd. Not that we're having a party, but now I have a legitimate excuse for WHY I can't be the hostess. ;)

Sadie said...

Oh, and I heard that the reason the bars can show the game is because they show every game. Or something like that. So maybe the churches should have weekly watching parties next year. Or just have everyone bring their own tv and have a bunch of tvs instead one giant one. ;)