Monday, February 05, 2007

True Gems

I am pleased as punch to have nominated three posts at Everyday Mommy's Hidden Treasure Blog Award.

Please check out these posts and then cast your votes! You will not be disappointed!

A Southern Girl's Guide to Almost Anything, where I nominated the post "The Rabbit Died ... Who's Going to Tell Mamaw?" in the LIFE category.

This Ain't New York, where I first read about Cousin Ethel, and once you've read about Cousin Ethel, you get a fever, and the only prescription is more COUSIN ETHEL. You will find vintage Cousin Ethel in "We're Putting Away the Corelle Wear." HUMOR category (duh).

Finally, at Living to Tell the Story, "Milk or Steak, What'll it Be?" challenges and encourages the reader with food for the spirit, making it deserving of the award in the FAITH category.


Susanne said...

Oh my word, Linda. I come here with my morning coffee to wake up and boy, do I get woken up. I'm truly really humbled and honored that you would nominate that post! Thank you.

samurai said...

Wow! You are a blogging fiend! LOL

Yea Colts!

Now, back off to my cyber-rock. :)

Melanie said...

Wow! Came over to read a nice gloat post about the Colts and I find this. What a nice surprise! You are sweet.
And yes, once you know Ethel, you do get a fevah! :>)

Southern Girl said...

Linda, thank you so much for the nomination and mention in your blog! I'm already a big fan of Melanie's over at This Ain't New York, but I'm looking forward to checking out your other nominee. :)

Gayla said...

Just a little hello from a fellow Hoosier blogger :) Found my way by looking up Famous Bloggers near Armed and Famous BAHAHAHA - Naw seriously, I wanted to check out the nom's for Share the Love.

I'm near Middletown/New Castle! It's so NICE to see someone else in this state that has a passion for this blogging stuff :)

Good luck with your blog entries!

Carol said...

I've got to get my nominations in. Thanks for the reminder.