Monday, February 12, 2007

A Weather "Event" - Or - What are 5 Things You Wouldn't Want to be Stuck Home Without?

You know it's bad when they're calling it a weather "event." You know it's bad when Walmart is sold out of electric blankets, Cheese Doodles, and Oreos. You know it's bad when the kids are cleaning out their lockers like it's May, not February, and the library is cleaned out of kid videos.

We are supposed to get anywhere from 8-12" of snow tonight. It will start at midnight and snow until the next midnight.

People are going nuts; it's all they can talk about. And I am becoming one of "them." In my burgeoning mid-life "oldness," I am feverishly preparing a grocery list for when I shop tonight. This panicky behavior over snow is something I used to observe in old people and shake my head at. "Why are they getting so worked up about snow?" I asked myself.

All I know is, some switch got flipped inside me, and the old person like the Hallmark "Maxine" character has taken over. In fact, I'm making my husband go shopping with me tonight so that if I come to blows over hot chocolate packets, he can back me up.

So, for my Canadian friends and those who deal with this on a regular basis, I'm asking for your input. What are 5 things that you wouldn't want to be stuck home without?


Susanne said...

Only 5 things? I never think on this. I tell you my Y2K stash was sad. Let's see:

-coffee cream (especially Southern Butter Pecan)
-phone number for Pizza 73

Seriously, I do never think of this. Lots of canned goods I would think. Dried fruits. Stuff to drink. See it all depends if you're just thinking snowed in or if you're thinking electricity going out at which time you cannot use your stove or microwave or have meat stored up in your freezer.

Linda said...

AAACCCK. Don't scare me like that! Ha. I was pretty sure you'd say coffee! I think we'll just be snowed in, but who knows. I'm hearing all kinds of varying forecasts. What kind of snowfall, inches, etc. is typical for you?

Melanie said...

I have never had to deal with snow, but I have had to go without power for days because of hurricanes.
1.Ready to eat soups and canned meats, like chili, Chef-Boy-R-Dee
2. Toilet paper- you don't know when you can get to the store later on.
3. Flashlights and batteries
4. Peanut butter, bread
5. Valium

Roxanne said...

I, also, don't normally have to deal with snow. . .but I'd say some good movies, brownie mix (and the stuff to mix with it to make actual brownies), Premium crackers, canned soup, diet coke.

crickl's nest said...

I found it really amusing when I heard on the news one night that when it snows, grocery stores run low on items that are white. snow. Eggs, milk, bread....there were other things, but I can't recall them, so I'll make some up.

Marshmellows, ice cream (the boring kind), potatoes, rice, pasta, toilet paper, kleenex, ok, I'm done. ;)

Donna Lear said...

Around here we make the rush for milk and bread don't know why but we do it's always been that way, don't understand it just do it. It's like breaking a commandment to not rush out at the first forcast of snow or tornados of which we don't get a great deal of either.
Don't have a list but I do have a fact whatever you don't have is what you will want. Just holler I throw you a milk sandwich. Keep warm!

Big Mama said...

My five essentials would be:
Sour Patch Kids
Chocolate in any ready to eat form
A six pack of Corona Light
Toilet paper
Magazines and books

Obviously, it's a good thing that I am not Caroline Ingalls.