Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Did you catch it? It was a pretty uneventful night, in my opinion, until Jordin Sparks knocked the ball out of the park. Woo-hoo! She gave the best musical performance (this from a NON-musical person--see 2 posts below), but for sheer entertainment ... it was Sanjaya all the way. That is, if you count terror as entertainment. I literally watched him through the crevices of my fingers like an 8 year old at a scary movie. I just feel so vicariously embarrassed! And yet, he is definitely beloved, so it's all good. And the little crying girl, she was just precious. I'm sure I looked similar to that over Donny Osmond.

And now, I have written an ode to Sanjaya inspired by last night's performance and by the caffeintated Diet Coke I just drank. Note that every misspelled end word is to be prounounced as though it rhymes with Sanjaya:

O Sanjaya
You are on fi-uh (fire)
Kickin' it high-uh and high-uh
Like a feathery song bird on a wi-uh.
You gave your love to the cry-uh
and because of your hair dry-uh,
You'll be back next week
And prove Simon a li-uh.


Big Mama said...

I am so glad that my reaction to last night's events was one shared by you.

The poem is greatness. Sheer greatness.

Susanne said...

Laughing my head off! I think you missed your calling. You really need to be in the songwriting business!

Susan said...

You are TOOOOO funny! I'll have to share this poem with my family who all wonder WHY he's still there. I knew I was "meant" to be a "boy Mom"...cause the little girl was making me a bit crazy...

I agree with you about Jordin S. She sang beautifully!!

:-) Susan

Melanie said...

Cracking up. You are a hoot. I think he was a Breck girl. LOL

The little girl will end up on all the morning shows, just wait.

Sandy said...

Oh, Linda. You make me laugh.

We watched it, on vacation in the High Dessert in Oregon. And ... the little girl was just so cute, I thought. And YES! Jordin Sparks is it! WE like Melinda D. too, she seems very humble, and VERY TALENTED!

Fun read and poem.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I am LMBO! (laughing my butt off..)

Now I know who to call when I need a piece of musical genius!

house full of love said...

You are so funny. I saw the show and at first thought she was scared. You may have a calling that is just now is shining.

Carol said...


I don't even watch Idol and I think that's screamin' funny!!!

Christine said...

You are too funny! That poem is great! And for the record, as a singer and voice teacher myself, Sanjaya is not so great, but Jordin did do a wonderful job this week!

Mommy Dearest said...

Loved your ode! I have a 10-year-old daughter who is a Sanjaya fan; she's making the rest of us nuts.

Linked from Melanie!

Robin said...

I am most thankful this morning that I have already finished my two cups of coffee...because, if I hadn't, I would've just snorted caffeine elixir all over my laptop screen, and THAT would NOT have been a good thing!

Oh, my ever-lovin' word, I LURVED your's an Idol masterpiece!!! In the words of Randy Jackson, we've gotta give you your PROPS!

How in the world did I find your blog? I'd have to go back in time and retrace my footsteps...who's got time for that????

Thanks for the snorts :D, I might just have to pick this up and hattip ya ;).

Crystal said...

This is the hardest I've laughed all week! :)