Thursday, March 01, 2007

What's the Hap's?

One of my daily "fixes" is Carol at She Lives. I like Carol's writing because it is authentic, bears the fruit of a follower of Jesus, offers the truth in love about various topics and is often just plain funny. I'm proud to point you to Carol's post at the premiere of Christian Women Online's new daily blog, Jehovah Java Internet Cafe. Carol's post is about encouraging others. How appropros, considering Carol was one of the first people to encourage me on my blog. Great job at the cafe, Carol!

In other news . . .

Don't forget this starts March 2.

Let's see ... what else ... Oh yes--

I'm an orphan. Well, OK, I'm not really an orphan, but I play one on the silver sreen. Every March, our staff puts on a big, fun night for honoring our volunteers, from those who pass out bulletins to those who work in the nursery or drive buses or whatever. Usually, there are around 450 guests.

It takes months of planning and a staff of 30 or so a couple of days to put up the elaborate decorations. At the end of the night, we always give away gift certificates from a travel agency to one lucky winner. Last year's theme was western; this year's is Hollywood Nights, as in the Oscars. Everyone gets a chocolate Oscar. (Hey hey.)

When volunteers arrive, there will be a red carpet with luminaries up the walk. We have transformed the Oneighty building to look the Oscars auditorium, with beautiful table settings of black and gold. But before they get to the auditorium, they will pass through a large area, which is where I worked today, helping to put together a 12' silhouette backdrop of a city at night, with white lights around it.

We even have staff posing as paparazzi to snap their photos, which we'll show at the end of the night on the screen. The evening consists of five video clips of staff in various movie roles, with one clip winning the "Oscar" according to how the volunteers vote. Our head pastor and an associate are doing Men in Black. Our administrative pastor is Rocky (vs. Godzilla), some are doing The Sound of Music, Star Wars, and I am in Annie.

I am dog tired after working on that humongous thing all day today. So here is a preview of my video. I am second from the right in the first picture. "Annie" is our middle school associate pastor. The rest of us are secretaries.


Susanne said...

You're gorgeous even as an orphan! And how cute is Annie with all that bright red curly hair! :v) Sounds like a great time!

Susan said...

How VERY FUN!! I love stuff like this. Have a great time...


:-) Susan