Saturday, April 21, 2007


This is the first unanimous vote I've ever received, except the ones where my family votes not to have the new recipe I just tried again.

So now I am deleting the post full of pictures below. You're welcome. And if you ever need any hair advice, just call on me.

OK, I'm staying long, but if in 10 years I look back on Son's graduation pictures and cannot believe I looked like that, I'm coming after every single one of you!


JennaG said...

You won't be sorry--you look great! Good luck trying to find me if you do look back and hate the pictures!!!! ;)

Morning Glory said...

Bummer -- I've been sick and didn't get here in time to see the pictures. But your previous post sure rang a bell with me. I sometimes feel caught in the limbo-land of fashion at my age. I want to look fashionable but I don't want people to say I'm trying to look 32 again!

Tammy said...

Oh're too fast for me, Linda! I missed them!
But I think you do look wonderful with your long good decision! :)

(I'll be posting your randomized questions to me later today...finally!)

Julie said...

Oh, Maaaannnnn (big, big, whine)

I MISSED your pictures? Dang! t least post your new do, so we can all tell you how great you look.

P.S. I'll gladly come shopping with you to find you something cute to wear for posterity's sake. It's the least I can do.

Susan said...

Great choice...and no, you won't be sorry.

:-) Susan

Melanie said...

You looked fab with both do's. :>)

Rhonda said...

Good choice Linda. There's lots of time to go shorter when we're much older.