Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Deep Thoughts

Just thought I'd add to my Deep Thinker Award.

And what of The Bachelor last night?

Not wanting to be known simply as "brainy-accomplished-professional-gorgeous women," the contenders shrewdly padded their first impressions with circus-like middle school antics, such as the ever-extraordinary flip-flop, a push-up contest and and the "worm" dance. Bold moves, girls, bold moves.

Here is who remains:

1) Stephanie—got the “first impression” rose. He lost me right here, but I'm not a guy.
2) Peyton. They shared a birthday. Appears to be the only natural blonde on the show. I should know. I am not one.
3) Bevin. Could the next new trendy name, along with "Blakeney."
4) Kate
5) Alexis
6) Danielle
7) Amber
8) Tiffany
9) Tessa—told about her mom meeting someone and falling in love
10) Nicole
11) Susan
12) Amanda
13) Erin
14) Tina ... is this the one who sang? Yikes. I had the same reaction as Big Mama.
15) Stephanie

Also, I think the Runaway Bride fenagled her way into a makeover and got onto this show. Evidence:

She already has the dress.

I am going out on a limb here and predicting that Tessa will at least be a finalist if not the winner. I like her so far because she is Amy Grantish:

And now you have my deepish thoughts on The Bach.


Susan said...


Once again, you crack me up! I watched the show last night...though not with the same eye you did! I'm impressed. You picked up much more than I did...except I DID think that girl that was a "potty mouth" that he did not pick was on there to make "good TV". Unbelievable.

Have a GREAT week!!

:-) Susan

P.S. Glad things went well with your Dad...now praying for your Mom.

Susanne said...

I was too busy watching the Thought Provoking "Dancing with the Stars" followed with a NCAA chaser which I had taped. Yes, I was deep in thought last night too!

Big Mama said...

Oh, how I love the Bachelor. I completely agree about Stephanie. And the Runaway bride girl had CRAZY written all over her.