Friday, April 20, 2007

Fashion/Hair Dilemma

I'm 44. I've now lived long enough to see a number of fashions and hairstyles come and go. I wore flares in the seventies; straight legs, leggings and hairbows in the early eighties; and spit-up baby milk, big sweaters and mom jeans in the late eighties/early nineties. In the mid-nineties, I was depressed and can't remember much about what I wore, until I lost weight and wore too-short skirts. From the mid-nineties until now, I got old.

When flares first started to come back in, my gag reflex literally kicked in. "Never! No way! They make your legs look 12" shorter ...." But I acquiesced and wore them and now the boot-cut, with a semi-lower waist to avoid the dreaded "momness," even though I am uncomfortable.

While it's true that nothing makes you look quite so old as hanging on to styles from your prime, a worse fate is being old and trying too hard to look cool. Or "dope" ... or ... "some cool word" [inserted here]. Thus, you are now privy to my daily dilemma of what to wear to work. But the real puzzler is what to wear to my son's high school graduation next month.

Two years ago, my hair was short and darker. Now it is longer and blonder, to cover more gray. (Tricky thing to accomplish well, I know.) Two years ago, I was 15 lbs lighter. (Tricky thing to admit.) I thought I had the outfit picked out for commencement and open house, but I tried it on again this morning, only to shake myself by the shoulders and chastise me, "What are you THINKING?"

Am I perhaps over-thinking it? Maybe, but these milestone pictures will be among those families generally look back on. And snort all over. Maybe tomorrow I'll post sample pictures and you can vote which look I should keep. Just remember there are people out there who "" So keep it real.

One trend I cannot understand is the sweeping, flat bangs that have been around for a while now. In my opinion (this is a blog, you know) it's an unattractive look on even the most beautiful face. Everyone makes fun of Trump's comb-over, but the sweeping flat bangs have the same effect on me. So, I may have Captain Kangaroo bangs, but I refuse to do the sweep.


Jen said...

Ive never really followed trends
I wear what I wear Im comfortable and to me thats what matters
I get can get dressed up when I need to
I prefer to be comfy
and those hair styles well . . .
I agree with you ewwwwwwwww

Susanne said...

Oh come on, where's your sense of adventure? Go for the sweep. It'll give you something else to blog about! :v)

I'm like Jen. Never really followed trends. Gotta be comfy. And that is all I'll say about my sad, sorry wardrobe.

Susan said...

I think you SHOULD post the pics and we'll vote...that'd be fun...and I'm sure it would make great memories for your son!!

It's frustrating, I know...but you ARE NOT OLD!!!

:-) Susan

Linda said...

And I am not young. Precisely the problem!