Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Update on Prom Dress Store and Our Great Blogging Community

A while back, I posted about a prom dress store that my church and our sister church is doing this year to help out girls who may be financially strained, so that they do not have to miss their proms.

It has turned out to be a great success, and our newspaper did a large article about it this last Sunday, which you can read here before this Saturday, when the story will no longer be on line. I could copy the article here, but then you wouldn't get to see the pictures.

Here is the neatest part: a sweet, sweet lady on my blogroll (who wishes to remain anonymous) was touched by this effort and felt led to share. One day at work, the UPS man brought a nice big box addressed to my attention. Inside were two beautiful prom dresses AND accessories, a purse and jewelry! You should've heard the gasps and oohs in that workroom when the secretaries and staff saw me pull the dresses out! It was one of my best days at work, filled with joy and purpose and the feeling of community.

Everyone was asking, "Do you know this person?" Well, what do you say when you've never met face-to-face? "No, not exactly. But we 'read' each other all the time! I know about her relatives (they're a hoot) ... I know about her child (but not the child's name) ... I know about her shopping, about her favorite high school music ... I know that she is a follower of Christ, but I really don't know what she looks like or much of anything else about her, now that I think of it! It's the nature of blogging!" They all looked a little confused but still elated.

This is a great example of living as a community, of blogging friendships, and of the Body being united in Christ.

Isn't that cool? I may not know a lot of details about this sweet lady, but I know a lot about her heart. I hope God blesses her richly for caring for "his little ones," even though she has never met them face-to-face, either.

It is not too sentimental or far-fetched to think that maybe one day she will meet them--in heaven--when one of the girls says, "You don't know me, but you helped me once in a way that was relevant to me. After that, I began to think about 'church' and what that means. I started searching for people like you, and ultimately, I found what I was searching for in Christ. And now here I am, all because God nudged you to send me a prom dress, and you did!" I imagine a big hug after that.

Thank you, Sweet Friend!


Susanne said...

That is absolutely heartwarming! Love to hear reports of when God moves on someone's heart to do something so seemingly insignificant. It will be such a blessing to some young lady!

Jen said...

what a wonderful thing your church is doing

Bless your sweet blogging friend :)

JennaG said...

I love blogging more and more because of that kind of stuff! How very nice and what a blessing for those girls!

amanda said...

How cool! I love to see God do something fun and surprising!

Elizabeth said...

I loved reading that article! Now my question to you is: Will your church be doing this again next year? I wasn't reading your blog until recently and it occurs to me after reading your article on the pink dress that perhaps I could keep an eye on the markdown racks during the year. This is such an awesome blessing for these girls as that age is so tough.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Southern Girl said...

What a great ministry! I loved reading that article.

Linda said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm pretty sure it's been successful enough that they will do it again. If the Lord leads you to keep an eye out, that's great. The wonderful thing about this project is that it wouldn't take much for other churches, even if they need to band together, to do this, as well. At least they could start buying them up after proms this year and start it next year. It has been a really neat thing around here.

Roxanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing the article. . .I got so involved reading it, that I almost burned dinner.

Multi-tasking, you know. . .