Saturday, May 12, 2007

Floss is Your Best Friend; Farfour is NOT

So you don't believe me, eh? (I don't really say "eh," but I threw that in for my Canadian Susanne.) In my Friday's Feast below, I allegedly "claimed" that "flossing" could "add" "years" "to" "your" "life." And some of you did NOT believe me. O ye of sinful dental hygiene!

I guess I'm expected to back up my wild claims. Well, here's one report that directs you to another report, and so on: "Flossing Saves the World" is what I'd title the article.

In other news you probably don't know about (because you spend an awful lot of time on the computer and maybe you missed this) here is Mickey Mouse's evil twin, Farfour. He was starring in a Palestinian Hamas TV show called, "Tomorrow's Pioneers," (hold on, not exactly a Disney Davy Crockett series) inspiring children to "annhilate Jews." Now that's some educational TV to go with your sipper cup and Cheerios. If this weren't so heinous, it would be more hilarious than it is. In an AP article that I read in my local paper, my favorite quote is, "On Friday, the character said he cheated on his exams because 'the Jews destroyed my house,' and he lost his books under the rubble." Not only is Farfour a war-monging anti-semitic, but he cheats at school! To sum it all up, Mickey is a mouse; Farfour is a rat. Read more here.


Barbara H. said...

I didn't disbelieve the flossing thing -- I was just surprised. I hadn't heard that before. But I am reading more and more connecting dental health and heart health. (Smiled at the last paragraph in that article!!)

I am horrified at that mouse and its message!!!

Mindy said...

That is so terrible about that rat that I am scared to even read horrible!
what is this world coming to?!!?
in him -

Susanne said...

LOL! I'll make a Canadian out you yet, eh? LOL! (Do I really say that alot?)

That mouse is deplorable and disturbing! You'd think Disney could get it shut down due to it definitely being a copy. International Copywrite and all that.

Melanie said...

I'd like to say what I would do with some floss and Farfour but I can't...

Ironic that they are using an American icon (one that was created in a free democracy) to project their hatred.

Anybody got a big trap?

Susan said...

So sad, isn't it?? It's so easy to teach children "either way" they are so impressionable.

:-) susan

W Dean said...

Thanks for linking to my post about this.

I would like to point out that there is some controversy about the translation.

Quite a few people seem to be saying that the phrase about "annhilating jews" was made up.