Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Fill-In

I found something new and fun at Fond of the Beach called "Friday Fill-In." My sentence completers are italicized.

1. I love to read with my coffee/tea/etc.

2. Friday afternoons can't arrive too fast! [Neither can Jesus, in my opinion.]

3. My friend Madelyn is the smartest person I know.

4. Days like today when the sky is robin's egg blue and the weather is calling me to go walk outside are so awesome!

5. I am still fed up with your laundry, kids!

6. Tulips and lilacs are my favorite spring flowers.

7. This weekend, I'm doing the Indy Mini Marathon and I hope to survive.


Deena said...

I did it too at Junk in the Trunk! Come see, come see!!

Janet said...

mmm, a cup of coffee and a good book...perfect! Thanks for playing :-)

Nise' said...

That Deena, she twised my I love to play along.

Here's my friday fill-ins.

Jen said...

thanks for the link I may do this on a regular basis