Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Have Mercy, Bl-ache

Buh-buh-buhbuh Buh-bye, Blake. I know you all love him, but for me it was another week of "Blache." I am worn out with the weirdness. It was a little cool at first, but now it's like he's become a caricature of himself. You know it's bad when three teenagers are yelling at the TV while he's doing his thing and then doing that stammer or whatever it is all through commercials. And I cracked up when Ryan said, "Or you can just teh-eh-eh-eh-xt it."

Again this week, the songs were hard for these guys. But, oh, those of you who remember the BeeGees explosion know how big those songs were. My kids have no idea! My oldest said Barry Gibb sounded like Sean Connery. I loved, "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" so much then that I could cry hearing it now. I remember the winter of my sophomore year in high school, we had a terrible blizzard and missed 3 weeks of school. I spent so many hours listening to the BeeGees during that blizzard and missing my boyfriend. (Good grief.) I don't know how I endured all those hours of disco falsetto! All I know is, the BeeGees conquered cabin fever with Saturday Night Fever, and I danced around in our den like I never did in public. Thank goodness.

So what did you think? I thought Melinda was stellar. I liked Jordin's 1st song better than the 2nd. Lakisha's hair lying in in her eyes and between her breasts was odd and creepy, like Morticia Addams. And for me, Blake is the new Sanjaya. It's painful.

Well, I'm sure you'll weigh in on this vital issue.

Sidetrack: Speaking of weighing in, for those who are doing the May-Day, how did it go today? I managed to find myself challenged on the first day. Our administrative pastor took all of the secretaries away today on a secret outing. He arranged for a white stretch limo to pick us up at church and take us to his home, where his daughter met us with frozen slushy drinks containing tiny umbrellas. Then his wife had prepared a light lunch outside. So, of course, none of this was in my weight management plan. I ate one piece of the things I liked and had a bowl of cereal for dinner later. So I think I coped well. But it just goes to show ya, there's always somethin' that wrecks a plan. Like food.

Sidetrack: I had not seen The Bachelor for several weeks until last night. Another secretary remarked today how awful it was that Amber's students would all be watching her breakdown on TV. (She lost it in the limo.) Parents will probably look at each other over their kids' heads with a "Yikes--our kid's teacher is nuts" look.

Well, I've got to hit the hay as we say here in Indiana. I'm exhausted from work and then working at home on my son's scrapbook for graduation open house. It's getting to the point where I'm slapping glue stick on and smacking the picture down on any paper that has a background: newspaper, church bulletin, credit card offers, Kohl's ads, recycle flyers, missing children flyers. Whatever. If the colors coordinate with the a color in the picture, it's all good. He'll thank me some day.


Nancy said...

Idol - Although I love Blake, he seemed in panic mode this week. I think he is obviously the fourth most talented Idol

May-Day - I did pretty well, but I have to take food to the kids' teachers tomorrow and to a brunch. (Wish me luck there!) Of course I had to sample a mini muffin.

Bachelor - Yes, I thought Amber was a little over the top. I thought Andy explained fairly well why he eliminated her. The meal with her and the roommate just did him in. Too young.

Scrapbooking - You crack me up! I did a graduation book for a neighbor's son a few years back. I wish I were there to help...and give you some of my mountain of stickers.

Melanie said...

I always loved the Bee Gees. (Even though I was a kid then. What can I say? I have an old soul.) I kept thinking to myself,"You guys don't get it! These are the BEE GEE's! Come on! Step it up a little. Classic. No one did them justice, but overall Jordin did the best tonight.

Big Mama said...

Re: Amber. Generally if you have to spend a lot of time talking about how mature you are, it doesn't necessarily prove your point.

Also, I heard that her principal ended up having to resign over the whole thing. It's been in all the papers here in Texas. Slow news week, obviously.

Oh yeah, Blake has got to go.

Connie Barris said...

I love the BeeGee's... My best friend and I always sing the song, Stayin' Alive.. but we only know the first few words....we mumble the rest... we found the words to the song one day and decide we like to mumble more...

anyway, I thought last night was blagh...I agree with Nancy, they all seem to be in the Panic mode..

well, it's almost over.. for this extremely weird year of AI

I love your reasoning for scrapbooking... I do that, My kids fight over who has more pages in their book.... like that defines who I love more.. go figure

see ya

Susan said...

I loved the Bee Gees when we were growing up. I think Blake or Lakisha should go home tonight. Blake DOES have talent, though I agree I'm a bit tired of the beat boxing every song.

May Day...I've GOT to do that post. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight.

I want to catch up on The Bachelor, since I watched it early in the season.

Have a great day...

:-) Susan

Amy said...

Did you live in Indiana during the blizzard? Was it 1978? I listened to Donny Osmond the entire three weeks, but I have discovered the BeeGees! I bought their greatest hits cd last year and play it so often the family is SICK of it. How can that be? Maybe it will help if I take down the disco ball. Interested in a used one? LOL!

Susanne said...

Your last paragraph cracked me right up! What a loving mom won't do to get the job done! I call it creativity and inspiration. Next year everyone will be copying the idea! :v)

I love the BeeGee's. Every era. I almost choked at what Blake did to their classics. Yup, time to go. I can't imagine listening to a whole CD of that. But then maybe I'm just an old foagie. Is that how you spell that?