Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Internet Cafe, AI, The Bachelor, and Scrapbooking

I have posted at Internet Cafe today. Please come over for a ... 3rd Cup of Coffee? For pertinent, up-to-the-minute, cutting edge, critical comments on culturally relevant and ever-crucial subjects including American Idol, The Bachelor and scrapbooking, see the post below. Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Donovan said...

Fantastic post!! I loved your picture too!!!

samurai said...

I love how you ladies have this on-line community.

I am off to search if there is a men's community worthy to call itself 'good'.

Just in case... do you all know of one?

Linda said...

Samurai, I do not have a clue about this. Maybe someone else will be able to help you. You are always welcome to hang around with us gals, but you need some articulate, thoughtful males to share your insights with and to be encouraged by.