Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Oh the Places You'll Go" Um, Just Steak-N-Shake, Bub

So today is my son's final day of real school. He has one calculus final this morning, and that's it. The school will allow them to leave if they have a permission note. My son requested one last night.

Can you see little mother-alert antenna uncurling from the top of my head ready to pick up on any signal of possible misbehavior?

I have been saying for two weeks, "Jordan, you are almost done. You've done a good job of school/behaving for 12 years. Please don't do any traditional 'senior pranks' or illegal/immoral poor-judgment activities before next Saturday. We've gotten you this far without much commotion in life, and [this said while bearing down on him with furrowed brow as only a mom can produce] you WILL walk down that aisle Saturday."

He just cracks up.

"Man! You must think I have some really big plan to mess things up!"

"No, I'm just saying, you WILL walk down that aisle and come off that stage with diploma in hand. Got it?"

More laughing.

So last night he says, "We're allowed to leave after 2nd period if we have a note."


"Really. And whatever will you do after that?"

"Me and X and Y are going to Steak-N-Shake."

"You mean: 'X and Y and I are going to Steak-N-Shake.'"


"And then what?"

"That's it."

"That's it?"

"That's it. Promise."

So this morning, I wrote my son's final permission note from Mom for school:

"Jordan has my permission to leave after 2nd period today, but he'd better not do anything to jeopardize graduating! And this is the last school note I'll ever write for him!" (Signature.)

He actually took that note to school.

So off he went, but not without a few pics to add to the scrapbook. I take pics the first and last day of the school year. All I'll have left to do is record the actual commencement ceremony, in which he WILL walk down that aisle and get that diploma by golly, and then I'll be all done documenting his entire life.

This last pic is pathetic. Some people will do anything to keep their children as infants.


Sandy said...

Love it, love it, love it.
And congrats on a job well-done, Mom! Twelve years worth of mothering :)

Melanie said...

Your note will give someone a chuckle today. They probably need one on the last day of school.

So are you going to stake-out Steak and Shake? Sorry. Bad joke.

Susanne said...

You are too funny! We are more alike than you know. You're not fooling me. You can tell yourself you are done documenting his life but you'll be there camera in hand for the day he moves out, college grad, wedding day, children, etc., etc., etc.. Better not pack that camera away too fast. :vD

oh amanda said...

You make me laugh!

Tara Sloan said...

I won't laugh too hard! My oldest is entering high school and I am way weird-ed out by that- and now I'm going to install a pair of those atenea for my own peace of mind- or paranoia! lol

samurai said...

Man - my dad radar (which everyone knows is not as keen as mon-radar) went off too. But then I don't know your son.

Congratulations for bringing your son this far! Well done. May the Lord take this "arrow" far, and may he influence his generation for the Glory of God.

Rick said...

On that last one - which one is the kid???

Great stuff - our oldest is going from elementary to middle school. Big changes everywhere, or so I hear. Thanks for posting.

Southern Girl said...

I bet you've raised a great kid and he'll be a good boy today. ;)

I don't remember kids doing senior pranks when we were in school, but Senior Skip Day was a fine tradition that I gleefully participated in -- with my mom's permission.

Jason The Running Man said...

Hey thanks for stopping by...great post. Thanks for the kind words.

Linda said...

My husband is a nut. And the little nut didn't fall far from the big nut. And now the little nut is bigger than the big nut. we're all nuts, really.

Mike said...

Love your post.

My wife and I are preparing my 4-year old for preschool this September. I don't think he's scared.

"When I go to school," my 4-year old once asked me, "can I bring be the teacher?"



Jen said...

great photos
lol i liked your note

Gretchen said...

loved the note. keep it for his baby book. :)