Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"What You Won't Do--Do For Love ...."

Remember the old Bobby Caldwell song, "What You Won't Do For Love?" As I was working on the graduation scrapbook/punch recipe/unwrinkling of the plastic tablecloths tonight, I found myself curiously singing this song. It was never a favorite of mine, but here it was, coming out of my mouth like I was Melinda Doolittle. Uh, sort of. My stage name could be "Linda Do-Alot for This Graduation." Anyway, these lyrics will have more meaning after you see the pics below:

But then I only want the best it's true
They can't believe the things I do for you
What you won't do, do for love
You've tried everything but you don't give up
In my world, only you makes me do
For love what I would not do
Makes me do for love what I would not do

Yes, Son, "In my world, only you, makes me do this stuff I'm not meant to do."


Susanne said...

He'll love you forever!

Glue away! It will soon be over. At least for another 4 years anyway. But maybe with the leftover glue you can get a head start on your youngest's. :vD

Melanie said...

I had never heard of a graduation open house until reading the post below. Are you listing your son with a realtor? LOL It must be a midwest tradition. All we do down here is shower them with picture frames and gift cards and eat. We always eat.
BTW- Any ideas on what to get a girl who is graduating high school? I need to buy a gift and have NO CLUE.

Linda said...

Melanie, cold, hard cash is always the most appreciated because of gas prices, books, computers, etc. But it would be nice to be creative about giving it. You could get a cute umbrella and put the money in an envelope somewhere on it that says, "Save this for a rainy day!" They usually go through umbrellas if they walk on a larger campus through winter.

Linda said...

Susanne, here is one thing I'd do differently: I have been printing off color photos at home, when what I should have done for expense's sake and for better quality is put all pics in one folder in my documents, then transfer them to a disc or whatever it's called, then have Walmart develop them. That would have saved SO much time and effort.

Melanie said...

Thanks, Linda. I like the idea of giving it in a creative way. :>)

Deana (Dee) said...

I was going to tell you how I happened across your page but now I can't remember, you were on a list on someones blog is all I know. I too will be going thru a graduation, my oldest son is graduating this year........atleast we are hoping he is. :( There is just so much to do, here in Washington there are no open houses, but we are throwing him a party. My mind is spinning with ideas as well.

Carol said...

And graduation day approaches. You're going to cry. I can already tell.

Rhonda said...

My daughter graduates from high school this year as well. Along with some of her friends from our Youth Group - I will cry for all of them.

She has prom first on June 1 where she'll be all dressed up and then at the end of June is grad night with the grad gown. We'll have grandparents join us on grad night then probably a night of food back at the house.

Roxanne said...

Well, none of us can see the baby or toddler or smelly little boy in the photo of you and your son, but I know you can. . .so bring on the plastic table cloths and Swiffers. My nearly 6 year old lost a top tooth today, and I know that adorable gaping grin will soon be replaced by a handsome young man with all of his teeth.

Enjoy your night. Of course, you won't because you will be so wound up and exhausted you won't be able to taste any of the food you eat and your feet will feel like they are going to explode.

But you will enjoy it LATER. . .so savor the night before the morning after with your feet propped up and some hot java. . .and left over dessert. :)

Ruth Wood said...

Hi Linda,

Connie Barris recommended I contact you. She said you love to chat!

I run www.ComfortCafe.net and hope to connect with you personally.

You may reach me at info@comfortcafe.net.

Ruth Wood
"The Lord is close to a broken heart..."

Mike said...

Never heard of Bobby Caldwell (of course, I'm likely to say that with any singer), but I love your post. We do a lot for our kids, don't we?


Connie Barris said...

Oh Linda,
don't you like that I am sending out info about you... smile...

yes, you are great with words so I thought you'd be good for something they were looking for...
you can always say no...

I just did a big scrapbooking project for my daughter.. she's in college.. when I gave it to her... I squalled.. she just looked at me like good grief....

One day, she'll appreciate it, right??

Tammy said...

Oh, it's so true...something about our kids makes us do out of the ordinary things just for them.

I hope you'll be posting the finished product! :)

(Oh, speaking of what we do for kids- well, and sisters in law- I just posted part 2 on the flower girl saga. Whew...glad that's behind me now...just like you'll probably be glad this graduation stuff is behind you?) ;)

Wind on Francis Cove said...

Linda, I have to tell you what I did for both my kids' graduations... I have them the choice of whether they'd like a party or whether they'd just like the money (and monetary equivalent for the time I'd spend on the party) instead. Both of them chose the money. My son and my oldest daughter both graduated at the same time... one from college and one from high school. The college grad had achieved some stupendous things and lots of honors so I felt (almost) guilty not having a big bash for her but she wanted the money too. So, I got out my checkbook, wrote the checks, and that was the end of that. I loved it!!

I'm definitely NOT a party-thrower but am in the midst of helping to organize the fall wedding of said oldest daughter now. *whew* Talk about "out of my element". Bleh!

I sympathize with ya. Good luck, honey!

Peace~ Wind

Susan said...

We did this last year...perhaps it's a midwest thing because we did it for OUR graduations and now our children...even though we're in Florida. Our parents (who were originally midwesterners) insisted.

Anyway, I have a one year hiatus then DS 2 will come along.

Have a great time and make great memories.


:-) Susan