Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast has only 5 pts., so that's totally allowed on Weight Watchers, thank goodness. Here I go:

What do you consider to be the ultimate snack food?

Now, are you asking the "good" Linda or the "bad" Linda? Because Good Linda, who started Weight Watchers last Tuesday night, would reply, "I do so enjoy Dannon's Light and Fit White Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt with only 60 calories and no fat!" Bad Linda would say, "A whole batch of no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies with some peanut butter thrown in for good measure. Bwaaah-haaaa-haaaaa!" (evil laugh) I also love to snack on cereal.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 as highest), about how popular is your last name?

Well it's much more popular than my maiden name, which was Batt. I suppose I can't really say what it is in case there's a looney out there who hates Sheryl Crow or Russell Crowe and might come after me. So I'll guess a 3. (It's 1203 in the USA. Go to, cgi registry. I tried linking here several different ways but only came up with error messages. I typed it in my address bar and found it again.

Who is your all-time favorite sitcom character, and why?

False. My all-time favorite character is not a character at all but a real life cyber-agent from the future posing as Assistant to the Regional Manager of the Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. by the name of Dwight K. Schrute. Why? Simple. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

I am no longer calling SchruteSpace a “blog”. It is now being called by its un-compacted name “web log”.
Welcome to my web log.
When I die, here’s how I want my funeral.
I would like Michael Scott to fashion my coffin from Dunder Mifflin paper boxes and duct tape. My pillow will be the cushion from my chair (product # 497 –A8).
I want it to be 6’8” long and 3’ wide with ventilation holes in case I come back to life for some reason.

Main Course
Do you shop online? If so, name some sites you like to browse for goodies.

Sometimes I order specialty T-shirts for my kids at Christmas. One of those sites is One of my favorites from them is a shirt with a cartoon outline of a whale that says, "Save the Jonah."

Fill in the blank: I think ___________ should be ___________.

Dwight should be promoted to Imperial Csar of Dunder Mifflin.
People who live in glass houses shouldn't hang pictures.


masgblog said...

well, it sppears we have something in common. I am a legal Lifetime Weight Watcher have support and encouragement if ever you need it.

Thx re the Pringles and coke...they really are the bad me....but less so if it's diet caffeine free coke and fat free pringles ;-)

Susanne said...

I thought for sure there would be an M & M mentioned in favorite snack. :v)

That yogurt you mentioned doesn't sound too terribly bad except for the no fat thing. I find things lablelled no fat are usually too sweet with aspartame. Do they have a full fat luscious version?

Kim said...

Great feast today. Enjoyed reading it all. Loved your appetizer! Even though I haven't joined WW I still feel the same way when it comes to snack time.

Thanks for visiting mine!

Lori said...

I got my Monday cartoon from an e-mail sent to me by a friend in Australia. I loved it!! Happy FF!!Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend:)

Southern Girl said...

Love your Salad! I don't know why none of the characters from The Office occurred to me for that course...maybe because I have a hard time thinking of that show as a "sitcom." Good one though!

Sandy said...

The Office is our favorite show to watch now in our house. All 5 of us. My kids think it is strange that his real name is Rain.
Happy Weekend!
Always fun to read.
For Reluctant Entertainers
PS I think we are about the same age. Check out my wedding photo!

Anonymous said...

Oh we love the Office here in our home. Wasn't the season finale good???

Bongga Mom said...

Dwight is absolutely hilarious!! You should watch the original version of The Office with Ricky Gervais, Dwight's counterpart Gareth is equally great.

Lady Jane said...

Hi! This is my first Friday's Feast.

I LOVE The Office, though I have only lately discovered it. Dwight cracks me up every time!

Michelle said...

I like bad Linda's appetizer. lol No bakes sound so good right now too. Loved your dessert! Made me laugh! Great feast Linda. :) Mine is up.

Happywife84 said...

I started reading your blog yesterday. I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Great feast! Love the blog, too! Thanks for stopping! I might be here more often! :)

Gretchen said...

Bwaaah haaa haaa. I believe, that you were just a bit cheeky on this post. I believe I loved it. :)

Have a great weekend, and when you find the "good Linda", tell her to sit with the "good Gretchen".

My mom, whowasskinnyasarailbecause thereisnojusticeinthisworld taught me to make no-bake cookies, and...and...oh, I wish you hadn't mentioned them!!!!! I may just have to make them, eat some and then throw the rest in the trash. Yep, that's my weightloss strategy--WASTE IT!


Anonymous said...

The link under Soup to "find yourself" took me to a "can't find this page" message when I clicked on it. Do you have a URL you can give us? Thanks!

Linda said...

Anonymous, I tried and tried to get the correct link, but everything comes up error. However, if you type it in your address bar (, cgi registry) it will take you there. Good luck.