Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good News/Bad News

The bad news: I need to lose weight.
The good news: I rejoined Weight Watchers.
Bad news: No weight loss as yet (2 days) and I'm hungry. Hungry. My little dog is running from me because I have that "hungry like a wolf" look in my eye. Literally.
Good news: I'm sticking to my 19 pts.
The really bad news: College Daughter who works at Ritters Frozen Custard keeps bringing home "mistakes" that were made on her shift. Here's what's in my freezer:

1 small cup of butter pecan

10 oz mud sundae, consisting of chocolate custard and 2 pumps of chocolate syrup and half a pump of peanut butter. It's supposed to have marshmallows, but she put more peanut butter on it instead by mistake. "Mistake" comes home to my freezer.

8. 5 oz 2 scoop vanilla sundae with hot fudge, bananas, and a little bit of peanuts, which skinny Daughter scraped off because she doesnt' "really like peanuts." Why is it in my freezer? It was supposed to be served in a waffle bowl, not a styrofoam container. Shame.

So I am eating my bitter veggies and counting the dressing, while a cornucopia of the thickest, creamiest stuff you can imagine sits in my freezer. Am I in purgatory?

Behold the Grizzly Cub, the Peanutbutter Mountain, the Turtle Sundae


Susanne said...

Okay, okay, just to show you what a good friend I am, I will let you pack them up in some kind of special freezer bag and courier them over here. I know, I know. I'm just too kind. Boy the things I do for a friend. :vD

Big Mama said...

If I lived closer I'd come take some of those mistakes off your hands. It's the neighborly thing to do and completely unselfish.

ellen b said...

You must be one petite mama to only get 19 points. Yikes...maybe that's why I'm not losing weight..too many points. I'm with you and I need to pull my point log out again!

Southern Girl said...

Good for you for getting back on the WW bandwagon! We're suffering through with the same number of points. ;)

And if I had a daughter who brought home stuff like that, and she was of legal age, I'd be booting her butt out the door. *g* (Then I'd eat all her mistakes. Good thing I don't have kids.)

Laura said...

[I tried leaving this comment earlier, but it didn't register. Don't know what happened.]

Stand your ground Weight Watchers Warrior! And if your daughter wants to mail some of her mistakes to me, I'm happy to send some dry ice and a self-addressed, stamped cooler for that purpose! :)

Heth said...

You are killing me. Mmmmm.