Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SERVE Update With Pics

I'd love to share the daily newsletter I prepare called, "The Daily Dish" because it tells a lot of stories of what this endeavor is about. But if I scan and save it, it's a document (Publisher), and so far as I can tell, Blogspot only lets you upload real pictures. So if anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate the help. In the meantime, here are some random pictures. Sorry I don't have time to make them look nice, but I'm about ready to head off to two block parties at 6 pm, where there will be free food, inflatable games, music, etc.

Some of what we have been doing:
Rehabbing private residences and small churches. In the churches we are literally hauling away dumpster fulls of debris from very scary basements! At the residences, we are roofing, pulling up carpet, etc.

There are free car washes, food drives, swimming with underprivileged kids this afternoon, packing food at the local mission, cleaning up parks, painting, beautifying our own church campus, holding JR SERVE for little kids from 9-12 daily, having our singing kids class perform at nursing homes and hand out flowers and pray with the residents. They also paint their nails, if residents desire. (Although some kids did have to be shown that fingernail polish is best applied vertically and not hortizontally.) (And some kids regularly call nursing homes, "nursery homes.")

There are kids in a dowel rod/stick class that will perform, singers, a cooking class, and a woodworking class. We offer Backyard Bible Clubs (BYBC) in neighborhoods like miniature VBSs. We also go door to door to various businesses and clean their public toilets for them. Believe it or not, kids love to do this. The same kids who won't pick up a wet towel at home will happily clean a filthy public toilet. There's glory in that, but not at home! There are other scheduled events, but right now my brain is fried.

Statistics: One nail in a hand, one nail in a foot. One girl got her thumb and long blonde hair caught in a mixer (cooking class) and one boy, who fell off a ladder last year, fell through a termite-infested roof this year. Sigh. No one has gone to the hospital, though. Gulp.

On Friday night, we will culminate this week with Party in the Parking Lot, which is a big Lollapalooza of SERViness.

So now I'm off to par-tay. And eat.

Here goes my child down into a scary, dark church basement. This same child will not clean out her hairbrush at home.


Jen said...

sounds like everyone has been very busy

bless you all

Susanne said...

Somehow yucky work is always so much fun the more hands you have. Enjoy your party tonight!

Connie Barris said...

This looks like you guys are having a blast...

great stories to be told

Connie Barris said...

OK.... I am missin' you

Lynn said...

Wow, Girl friend.....and I thought I was busy.

You are amazing. I laughed at how the kids are filled with courage while working in the community and parazlied with fear over a dirty hair brush... Fun---nee!!!!

I so get what that is all about. I have a child just like that. Love you much, Lynn

Laura said...

That sounds awesome and like a total full-body, crazy-good workout. Scary church basements: I've seen a few of those. You couldn't pay me to go into them, much less clean them out. More diamonds in your crown in Glory, Linda!