Saturday, June 23, 2007

My "Intuition" Said, "If Big Mama is Wrong About This, I May Never Live to Write Another Post"

You can learn so much on the World Wide Web of Womanly Wisdom. You can copy people who are way cooler than you. Or, you can make mental notes that say, "File this away--never admit [fill in the blank] on your [my] blog." But mostly I just watch and learn like an eight year-old snot-nosed kid gawking at her glamorous 18 year-old sister getting ready for the prom.

Except in reality, it's more like I'm an 18 year-old nerd watching her cooler younger sisters do fun, amazing things, like take road trips, go to Qatar, eat at a fancy schmancy restaurant or do radio interviews of interesting people or host awesome parties. What do I do? I post pictures of my dog in a t-shirt. (Wow, that is really Sad.) But I do learn from you all [correction: y'all].

For example, when my eldest daughter burst into a room one day nearly rabid with razor burn madness, I was taken aback. I have always used a regular old disposable razor on legs that have been prepped by Dove soap only. Getting a fancy razor to me means buying pink plastic instead of a guy color. But my daughter's demeanor was frightening--like King Saul's reaction after David kept repeating "Smoke on the Water" on the harp or lyre or whatever, which prompted Saul to fire a spear at David's head. My daughter was crazed like that--about ready to slash curtains and leather couches with a bad razor. I had to do something. My mind was racing.

And then, I remembered WWBMD:"What Would Big Mama Do?" [See Here is the blog of someone who takes road trips and knows pracitcal things.]

I remembered that a few weeks ago, Big Mama posted about the best razor in the world, and as I sat there in a panic, cowering from my daughter's boiling-over rampage, I knew I had to find the name of that razor. If Big Mama says it works; I believe it. If WalMart had it, I had the faith to buy it. I staved off my daughter's wrath with the promise of a sure-thing (gulp) as I searched through her blog for the name of that razor.

And so we bought one: The "Intuition." Remember that name.

The next day, my daughter, whom I'll call "Kay-boom," came marching into the family room like General Patton toward a ... microphone.

"This is the BEST RAZOR IN THE WORLD!" she announced! She said a lot more, but I was so relieved that for now we were all safe from the fury, I couldn't process it all.

"Feel my legs! They're so smooth! There are NO cuts! This is the BEST RAZOR IN THE WORLD! BLAH-BLAH BLAH-BLAH SHRIEK BLAH LAUGH BLAH!"

And all I could do was just marvel at how a woman I've never met in person but only admired from afar touched our lives and saved the veritable skin on my daughter's hyde (yes, that is a play on the word "hide" as in skin, and "Hyde" as in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr.") and the leather on my sofas and hair on my dog.

And stories like that, Girlfriends, should make us all take a moment of silence to thank Al Gore for ever inventing the Internets. May he follow his "Intuition."


Big Mama said...

I am so glad that someone has benefitted from my ramblings about nothing on the internet.

Be on the lookout for the WWBMD bracelets. They should be in stores soon.

Kelli said...

Big Mama and I had the same convo a few weeks back. I took her advice and tried it.

Even at that price I've passed the Intuition razor/baton to my 14 year old.

I mean, the safety of the family was at stake.

Aren't hormones the best!

Melanie said...

I am so thankful now that I have a minute to catch up on reading. I needed my Linda Fix. :>)

I too ran out and bought that same razor after Big Mama's post and I even waited until I could be uninterrupted to use it. How sad is my life? I am scheduling moments to enjoy SHAVING MY LEGS.

Susanne said...

Okay, I give up. I will go get one for myself instead of waiting until hubby goes to work and using his electric shaver. Sheesh.

On a sidenote I'm glad to see you also have a young one who has these Jekyll/Hide moments. For a while I thought we mighta been strange or something at the Living2Tell household. 8v0

Lori said...

"Feel my legs! They're so smooth! There are NO cuts! This is the BEST RAZOR IN THE WORLD! BLAH-BLAH BLAH-BLAH SHRIEK BLAH LAUGH BLAH!"

Hee, Hee

I just love your blog!

Connie Barris said...

I live in a podunk town.. in the hills of Georgia.. and someone had a bumper sticker that had WWBMD... For the life of me, I couldn't figure it out... I thought.. is this a take off of Jesus.. or what...
so tell me has BIG MAMA reached the Hills of Georgia? OMG...

I'm a sucker too, I will try those razors... I'm like you, I will use a kitchen knife if I have too but now let's just try this out.. cause BIG MAMA said to.. LOL

John Kaiser said...

I learned not too long ago, those razors don't work on a man's Ouch.

The Preacher's Wife said...

may al USE his intuition...just think how much cooler his head would be what with all this 'global warming' going on...

samurai said...

I am often amazed at what God brings into my life, and how, to teach me things. :)

Thank you for sharing such an experience. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried the Intuition razor when it first came out and I have to admit - I hate the thing. The soap on it was weird on my skin, and the razor rusted after 1 use - and i don't keep my razor in the shower either! But I'm glad your daughter likes it, there's nothing like finding a good razor that works great - for me it's the Schick Quattro for Women.

Mike said...

I appreciate the web, too. But often, after surfing the web, I end up feeling that there is something wrong with me.



Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

Ok...I give up...what is "Qatar"?

I was convinced to try this razor until I read the 'rusted' comment above. Hmmmm...Still may watch for a coupon for it...LOL

Gayle said...

Hi! I found you via the CWO Blogring.
I have to second the Schick Quattro razor, they are *really* good, in case you ever find yourself in need again.. :)

Lisa M said...

I too red Big Mama's post about the Intuition razor. I just had to try it and I really love them too. The only sad part is that mine only last a week because I have to shave every day in the summer. Don't like any razor stubble whatsoever when wearing shorts. The refills are kind of expensive - even at Wal-mart but hey - I'm worth it. LOL! Glad your daughter found something that works for her. Thanks to Big Mama for giving us this valuable information. :)