Friday, June 29, 2007

Once Again, My Great State, "Land of the Deep Fried Everything" is on the Cutting Edge--of Fat Consumption

First of all, Note from Rational Self to Irrational Self: Linda, never, ever reveal what other movies you have not seen. You are apparently a freak of nature because you have not seen LOTR and Titanic. Save some face and stop telling people what movies you have not seen and what restaurants you have not been to and how you silently count all the time!"

Reply from Irriational Self: "But, it would make a great Thursday Thirteen topic: 13 exceedingly common things I have never done. And since it includes counting to 13, all the better."

Oh my.

Anyway, here's what that photo is about: Great News! Local newspaper headline:


"The Indianapolis State Fair, land of the deep-fried everything, will ban trans fat oils from its fryers this year, making it one of the first fairs in the country to do away with the artery-clogging grease."

Marla Calico [which, by the way, is a great name if you're into names like Cindy
and I are] spokeswoman for the International Association Fairs and Expositions said, "Certainly they [Indiana] are on the cutting edge."

Boy, HOWdy! Don't you know we are.

So now we can stick our heads into vats of "healthier" fair food, like bobbing for apples, only we'll be bobbing for:

Healthier Deep fried Oreos
Healthier Deep fried Twinkies
Healthier Deep fried Peanut Butter Cups
Healthier Dinosaur Drumsticks (deep fried turkey legs)
Healthier Elephant Ears
Healthier Deep fried ice cream
Healthier Deep fried onion rings
Healthier Real Fair Health Food: Deep fried vegetables
And my favorite ridiculous healthier deep fried item: strawberries. Do you think deep-frying them might compromise their nutritional value? naaah.


The Woman said...

What? No deep fried candy bars? I thought Indiana was on the cutting edge? ;o)

That picture cracked me up! LOL

Um... What in the world is a monkey nut?

Melanie said...

They got to the State Fair. How very sad. I thought some things were sacred.

Don't feel so bad about not seeing Titanic. My husband and I are the only 2 people on Earth who think it was terrible. The only good acting was from Leo and he didn't even get a nod.

Susanne said...

I say keep admitting stuff. It's too much fun to tease you about it.

LOL! I love fried stuff but I don't think I could stomach 1/2 of those. Deep fried peanut butter cups? Oreos? Twinkies? Ewww.

Now onion rings, veggies, fries, or mozza cheese? Bring them on!

Now I'm hungry. Gonna go see what I can fry. :v)

Susan said...

I have never tried the deep fried twinkies, oreos, or peanut butter cups...I think I'd like to taste them...but then you see the vat of grease (even the 0 trans fat stuff) and it kind of makes me queasy. I'm glad for that...

Yeah, what IS a "monkey nut"??

:-) Susan

Gretchen said...

You.Crack.Me.Up.Period. :)

Connie Barris said...

how bout Deep fried.. deep fried...


my favorite dish is fried okra and a good ol glass of sweet tea....

and we wonder why I need weight watchers.... sad face...

Roxanne said...

They have all the deep fried stuff at the Livestock Show here in Houston, but it's too 'spensive for me. . .although I hear that deep fried Twinkies are delish. But I'm not a twinkie gal.

Yeah--Titanic--I didn't want to see it, but my hubby made me simply so he could see the special effects of when the ship sank. Heard tell from a friend of a friend who said, "Why would I want to spend two hours developing a meaningful relationship with a screenful of characters that I KNOW are going to die?"

We own all the LOTR dvd's. I DO recommend them if you like fantasy at all. . .