Saturday, June 23, 2007

Party in the Parking Lot--End of SERVE 2007

We're all done with the event, but hopefully not with a way of life, that is, looking for needs to be met and then mobilizing. Here's the big party last night. Yes, Zoe was there in her SERVE T-shirt. And that is Zoe being held by the Muncie Fire Department Dog. (I love irony.) Hundreds came and ate and played and won great prizes. We hope people see us a great body of people to join up with to worship and serve and grow. The guy in the dunk tank is our brand new full-time addition to our youth staff, who grew up as a kid in the Oneighty program, graduated from BSU and has now come full circle as a youth pastor. No church is perfect, but I do love my church. And now I must re-join my family this Saturday morning and SERVE around here by doing some chores.


Susanne said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'll bet everyone is good and tired this weekend.

Is that actually a little dog carrier that you have Zoe in? I've never seen those.

Jen said...

well done to everyone
I pray that many hearts were touched by what you all did
and many will come to know the Lord through you all
looks like it was an excellent finish to an awesome outreach
hip hip hoorah

Susan said...

Great great photos, Linda! I hope my blog feed works now. I played with it all MORNING...which means I "SERVED" no one except my laptop!! I'm paying for it tonight as I'm doing the unfinished chores. Oh well...some days are like that.

I hope that you continue to reap the harvest that you have planted this week.


:-) Susan