Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SERVE + Hog Roast

By this time of SERVE week, everyone is pooped. They've worked from early morning until late afternoon or early evening with breaks only for meals. Except for kids who figure out how to work their own breaks into the work day by flattening "unruly" grass with their backs, for example. But generally, they deserve a mid-week celebration, and so we load 'em up in eleventy seven vans and head out into God's country and roast a giant hog for them. Because everyone, after working in hot, humid Indiana sauna heat needs to cool down with pork, the "refreshing " meat.

Happily, there is a pond there, as well, and there is the requisite belly floppin' contest. So they go into the pond all muddy, come out even muddier, and eat pork. Teenage heaven.

In the following mess of pictures, you will see kids praying with nursing home residents, painting park bridges, picking up trash, dancing at a neighborhood block party, belly floppin' at the pond, flexing their construction muscles while wearing glamorous sunglasses, and my dog, ZOE, who is this year's mascot. Last year's mascot was a black pug, who did OK in her role, but really, Zoe brings a whole new fresh viewpoint to her prestigious position, and I think (and you know I'm totally unbiased) she is the best mascot we've had. In our Daily Dish newsletter, we printed last year's mascot's pic and Zoe's and offered a ballot for kids to nominate their pet for 2008's mascot. (But there will be tiny big shoes to fill after Zoe, you know.)


Lori said...

I love your profile pics. To cute! This is my first time here, I'll be back to read more post.

Susanne said...

The amount of kids and work and fun you guys are having is so cool. What a great thing this is that you guys do!

Susan said...

Great pictures and what a blessing you guys have been to the community. I love this sort of thing....and especially when the teens are involved.

:-) Susan

Gretchen said...

I can think of nothing better than watching kids pray with older people and seeing your dog, Zoe, be the SERVE mascot. You Rock!

Jan said...

Zoe is just adorable! I've been wishing I could find someone who had one of these, so I could ask what they are like. Our Pomeranian is getting on in years, is pretty laid back, and a little love, but the grooming is a huge issue--he needs to be brushed every day, and groomed every 6-8 weeks.