Monday, June 18, 2007

SERVE Kick Off

Here we go! I'll be checking in briefly at the end of the day so that if you're interested you can see what I've been up to all day.
Let me just say it was really difficult getting up so early this morning. In fact, I half missed the potty and fell but saved myself with a wall, which totally kicked off a day of good deed-doing.


Susanne said...

LOL! Oh I so know the half-asleep, half-missed potty experience! I do that trick on a regular basis. :vD

Looking forward to hearing the fun stuff you done all day!

Connie Barris said...

I've got your summer heat here... In Georgia.. good grief.. it's hot

Laura said...

Hey Linda! Thanks for stopping by today. ;) Rest assured - I will be blogging when we're far, far away. It won't even feel like I'm all that far, really. :) The move itself is consuming me, but I'm SO happy to have bloggie friends to get me through it.

(WOW- thanks for adding me to your daily fixes! You're certainly on mine!)

Gretchen said...

Thank the Good Lord for walls where we need them. :)

blackpurl said...

I have had to do that wall trick myself a time or two... or more!

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

Maybe I missed something while I was on my anniversary cruise...what is Serve 2007? I'm not sure but it sounds like it may be a good match for my blog entry from last night

Please do let me know what it is

Susan said...

I love the's 100% true!!


:-) Susan